Chapter 1. Administrative Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 550:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 550:1-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 550:1-1-3. Principal office; hours
SECTION 550:1-1-4. Communications to Board; Board records
SECTION 550:1-1-5. Fair and impartial consideration
SECTION 550:1-1-6. Status changes required in writing
SECTION 550:1-1-7. Inspection, copy and/or reproduction fees
SECTION 550:1-1-8. Municipality membership effective date
Subchapter 3. Organization of Board
SECTION 550:1-3-1. Powers of the Board
SECTION 550:1-3-2. Board meetings
SECTION 550:1-3-3. Nomination of Board members
SECTION 550:1-3-4. Election of Board members
SECTION 550:1-3-5. Filling Board vacancies
Subchapter 5. Petition Procedures
SECTION 550:1-5-1. Emergency hearings
SECTION 550:1-5-2. Individual hearings
SECTION 550:1-5-3. Appeals of the Board's orders [revoked]
SECTION 550:1-5-4. Requests for declaratory rulings
SECTION 550:1-5-5. Qualified domestic relations orders
SECTION 550:1-5-6. Child/children educational benefit
SECTION 550:1-5-7. Common law beneficiary requirements
Subchapter 7. Collections and Disbursements
SECTION 550:1-7-1. Refund vouchers
SECTION 550:1-7-2. Pension vouchers
SECTION 550:1-7-2.1. Reemployment by participating municipality
SECTION 550:1-7-3. All vouchers
SECTION 550:1-7-4. Vouchers payable to an estate, including a successor in interest of a decedent
SECTION 550:1-7-5. Direct rollovers
SECTION 550:1-7-6. Return of contributions made under a mistake of fact
Subchapter 9. Tax Qualification Compliance [Expired]
SECTION 550:1-9-1. Determination of gross salary [Expired]
SECTION 550:1-9-2. Minimum distribution requirements [Expired]


[Authority: 11 O.S., §§ 50-105.2(A) and (B) and 50-106(3)]
[Source: Codified 6-4-91]