Chapter 10. Licensure and Practice of Architects, Landscape Architects and Registration of Interior Designers

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 55:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 55:10-1-2. Terms defined by statute
SECTION 55:10-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 55:10-1-4. Statutory charges of the Board
SECTION 55:10-1-5. Severability clause
SECTION 55:10-1-6. Operations of the Board
SECTION 55:10-1-7. Service of process
Subchapter 3. Administrative Operations
SECTION 55:10-3-1. Conduct of Board meetings
SECTION 55:10-3-2. Duties of Board Officers
SECTION 55:10-3-3. Duties of the Executive Director
SECTION 55:10-3-4. Reimbursement for travel
SECTION 55:10-3-5. Official seal
SECTION 55:10-3-6. Official records
SECTION 55:10-3-7. Inactive records
SECTION 55:10-3-8. Public records
SECTION 55:10-3-9. Confidential records
SECTION 55:10-3-10. Filing and disposition of petitions for declaratory rulings
SECTION 55:10-3-11. NCARB, CLARB and CIDQ memberships and programs
SECTION 55:10-3-12. Method of payments to Board
SECTION 55:10-3-13. Fees and penalties
Subchapter 5. Application and Eligibility for Licensing or Registration
SECTION 55:10-5-1. Availability of forms and Board records
SECTION 55:10-5-2. Documents required for a License or Registration by exam
SECTION 55:10-5-3. Board action required
SECTION 55:10-5-4. Evaluation criteria
SECTION 55:10-5-4.1. Equivalent education and training standards for Architects
SECTION 55:10-5-4.2. Equivalent education and training standards for Landscape Architects
SECTION 55:10-5-5. Registered Interior Designer application deadlines
SECTION 55:10-5-6. Active and inactive applications
SECTION 55:10-5-7. Qualifications for an Architect License
SECTION 55:10-5-8. Qualifications for a Landscape Architect License
SECTION 55:10-5-9. Reciprocal licensing and changing base or resident state registration [revoked]
SECTION 55:10-5-10. Qualifications for Registration as an Interior Designer
SECTION 55:10-5-11. Changing resident state and applying for a Reciprocal License or Registration
Subchapter 7. Examination
SECTION 55:10-7-1. Examination required for Candidates
SECTION 55:10-7-2. Examination notifications
SECTION 55:10-7-3. Examination
SECTION 55:10-7-4. Deadlines for submissions
SECTION 55:10-7-5. Examination fee refunds
SECTION 55:10-7-6. Grading
SECTION 55:10-7-7. Reexamination
SECTION 55:10-7-8. Review of examination grades; retention period
SECTION 55:10-7-9. Transfers of examination grades prior to licensing
Subchapter 9. Licensing and Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-1. The License or Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-2. Term of License or Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-3. Required display of the License
SECTION 55:10-9-4. Duplicate License or Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-5. Suspension, revocation, or refused renewal of a License or Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-6. Biennial License or Registration required
SECTION 55:10-9-7. Emeritus status requirements
SECTION 55:10-9-8. Failure to biennially renew
SECTION 55:10-9-9. Reinstating License and Registration from emeritus status to active practice
SECTION 55:10-9-10. Reinstatement of canceled License or Registration
SECTION 55:10-9-11. Reinstatement of a License or Registration based on cause
Subchapter 11. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 55:10-11-1. General requirements
SECTION 55:10-11-2. Good moral character
SECTION 55:10-11-3. Competence
SECTION 55:10-11-4. Conflict of interest
SECTION 55:10-11-5. Full disclosure
SECTION 55:10-11-6. Compliance with laws
SECTION 55:10-11-7. Professional conduct
SECTION 55:10-11-8. Licensee's seal
SECTION 55:10-11-9. Authorized use of seal
SECTION 55:10-11-10. Required use of seal, signature and date on documents and retention period
SECTION 55:10-11-11. Prohibition on submitting documents without seal, date and signature
SECTION 55:10-11-12. Prohibited use of seal
Subchapter 13. Organizational Practice
SECTION 55:10-13-1. Individual and group practice
SECTION 55:10-13-2. Licensee required in each office
SECTION 55:10-13-3. Licensees accountable
SECTION 55:10-13-4. Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title required
SECTION 55:10-13-5. Establishing criteria for issuance of Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title
SECTION 55:10-13-6. Biennial renewals required for Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title
SECTION 55:10-13-7. Failure to biennially renew a Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title
SECTION 55:10-13-8. Reinstatement of canceled Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title
SECTION 55:10-13-9. Compliance with laws, Rules, regulations and orders
SECTION 55:10-13-10. Investigations, hearings and penalties
SECTION 55:10-13-11. Surrender of Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title
SECTION 55:10-13-12. Notification of changes in firm practice required
SECTION 55:10-13-13. Authority to use professional titles
SECTION 55:10-13-14. Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Title index maintained; restriction on similar names
SECTION 55:10-13-15. Limited partnerships and corporations required to file with Secretary of State
SECTION 55:10-13-16. Use of deceased or retired names in titles of firm name
SECTION 55:10-13-17. Use of multiple surnames in titles of firm name
SECTION 55:10-13-18. Use of full name in title of firm name
SECTION 55:10-13-19. Use of departed surname in title of firm name
SECTION 55:10-13-20. Use of fictitious name in title of firm name
SECTION 55:10-13-21. Use of single surname in title of firm name
Subchapter 15. Violations
SECTION 55:10-15-1. Prima facie evidence
SECTION 55:10-15-2. Grounds for violations and penalties
SECTION 55:10-15-3. Additional penalties for violations
SECTION 55:10-15-4. Fraud or misrepresentation
SECTION 55:10-15-5. Gross incompetence
SECTION 55:10-15-6. Recklessness
SECTION 55:10-15-7. Dishonest practice
SECTION 55:10-15-8. Duty to refer alleged violations to Secretary-Treasurer
SECTION 55:10-15-9. Filing a complaint; forms and evidence
SECTION 55:10-15-10. Informal resolution
SECTION 55:10-15-11. Investigation committee
SECTION 55:10-15-12. Investigation report and recommendations
SECTION 55:10-15-13. Investigator
SECTION 55:10-15-14. Civil and formal proceedings
SECTION 55:10-15-15. Hearings
SECTION 55:10-15-16. Hearing disqualification procedures
SECTION 55:10-15-17. Powers of hearing authority
SECTION 55:10-15-18. Findings of the Board and penalties
SECTION 55:10-15-19. Proposed hearing orders
SECTION 55:10-15-20. Issuing of orders
SECTION 55:10-15-21. Final orders
SECTION 55:10-15-22. Procedures to file exceptions to proposed orders
SECTION 55:10-15-23. Rehearing, reopening or reconsideration
SECTION 55:10-15-24. Other hearings
SECTION 55:10-15-25. Emergency hearings and orders
Subchapter 17. Continuing Education Requirements
SECTION 55:10-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 55:10-17-2. Board responsibilities
SECTION 55:10-17-3. Noncompliance and sanctions
SECTION 55:10-17-4. Continuing education requirements
SECTION 55:10-17-5. Exemptions
SECTION 55:10-17-6. Computation of credits
SECTION 55:10-17-7. General course/program requirements
SECTION 55:10-17-8. Instructional guidelines
SECTION 55:10-17-9. Disallowance
SECTION 55:10-17-10. Licensee responsibilities
SECTION 55:10-17-11. Biennial report and affidavit
SECTION 55:10-17-12. Requirements and responsibilities


Agency Note: Effective 7-1-09, Senate Bill 592 [Laws 2009, c. 184] changed the title of Interior Designer to Registered Interior Designer, thereby affecting all rules in this Chapter [OAC 55:10] that reference the title of Interior Designers.

[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 46.1 et seq.; 75 O.S., §§ 302(A)(1) through (4), 305, and 307]
[Source: Codified 5-13-91]