Chapter 10. Licensure and Regulation of Private Vocational Schools and Representatives

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 565:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 565:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 565:10-1-3. Schools required to license
SECTION 565:10-1-4. Due date and duration of license
Subchapter 3. Requirements for Licensure as Private Vocational School
SECTION 565:10-3-1. Requirements for licensure as private vocational school
SECTION 565:10-3-2. Relicensing application completion
Subchapter 5. Fees
SECTION 565:10-5-1. School fees [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-2. Representative fees [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-3. Penalty [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-4. Additional fees [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-4.1. Workshop fees [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-4.2. Licensing inquiry packet fee [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-5-5. Non-refundable fees
Subchapter 7. Facilities and Equipment
SECTION 565:10-7-1. Facilities
SECTION 565:10-7-2. Equipment
Subchapter 9. Surety Bonds
SECTION 565:10-9-1. Bond requirement and amount
SECTION 565:10-9-2. Bond claim procedure
SECTION 565:10-9-3. Bond amount for new school [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-9-4. Scope of coverage [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-9-5. Certificate of deposit
SECTION 565:10-9-6. Surety items non-cancellable
Subchapter 11. School Operation
SECTION 565:10-11-1. School personnel
SECTION 565:10-11-2. Course implementation and instruction
SECTION 565:10-11-3. Refunds
SECTION 565:10-11-4. Student records
SECTION 565:10-11-5. Placement
SECTION 565:10-11-6. Advertising
SECTION 565:10-11-7. Admission requirements
SECTION 565:10-11-8. Student complaints
SECTION 565:10-11-9. Recruitment
Subchapter 13. Solicitor license
SECTION 565:10-13-1. Solicitor license
Subchapter 15. Denial and Appeal
SECTION 565:10-15-1. Grounds for denial of school license
SECTION 565:10-15-2. Grounds for denial of Solicitor license
SECTION 565:10-15-3. Appeal of denial
Subchapter 17. Revocation of License
SECTION 565:10-17-1. Basis for revocation
SECTION 565:10-17-2. Revocation procedure
Subchapter 19. Penalty
SECTION 565:10-19-1. Penalties for violation and noncompliance
SECTION 565:10-19-2. Waiver of administrative penalties and fines
Subchapter 21. Evaluation
SECTION 565:10-21-1. School review
SECTION 565:10-21-2. Advisory council
Subchapter 23. Seminars or Workshops
SECTION 565:10-23-1. Items required for licensure of seminars; length of programs
SECTION 565:10-23-2. Advertising
SECTION 565:10-23-3. Student complaints
SECTION 565:10-23-4. Fees
SECTION 565:10-23-5. Duration and renewal of licenses
SECTION 565:10-23-6. Reports
SECTION 565:10-23-7. Grounds for revocation of license
SECTION 565:10-23-8. Procedure for revocation of licenses
SECTION 565:10-23-9. Penalty
SECTION 565:10-23-10. Mandatory school workshop
Subchapter 25. Flight Schools [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-25-1. Applicability; exemptions [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-25-2. Catalog [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-25-3. Refunds [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-25-4. Student records [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-25-5. Inspection of student records [revoked]
Subchapter 27. Financial Statements and Financial Stability
SECTION 565:10-27-1. Financial Statements
SECTION 565:10-27-2. Financial stability
SECTION 565:10-27-3. Special circumstances and waiver of requirements
Subchapter 28. Tuition Recovery Fund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-3. Conditions for payments from the fund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-4. Equivalent training in lieu of refund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-5. Primary source of refund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-6. Method of filing claim [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-7. Payments from the fund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-8. Subrogation to the fund [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-9. Legal action by the Board [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-10. Provisions for refunds if claims exceed Tuition Recovery Fund Balance [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-11. Payment of refunds to tuition assistance programs [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-12. Contributions [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-13. New school contributions [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-14. Contribution limits [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-15. Special contributions [revoked]
SECTION 565:10-28-16. Schools required to participate in fund [revoked]
Subchapter 29. Data Collection
SECTION 565:10-29-1. Data collection


[Authority: 70 O.S. §§ 21-101 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]