Chapter 1. Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-1-2. Statutory definitions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-1-3. Additional definitions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-1-4. Severability [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-1-5. Liberal construction [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Program Administration and Description
SECTION 585:1-3-1. PERB Board, description and powers; administrative officer [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-3-2. Quorum [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-3-3. Location for information or for filing [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-3-4. Public inspection of documents [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-3-5. Suspension of rules [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-3-6. Forms and instructions
SECTION 585:1-3-7. Petitions for rulemaking
SECTION 585:1-3-8. Petitions for declaratory rulings
Subchapter 5. Procedures [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-1. Filing of documents [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-2. Docketing [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-3. Computation of time [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-4. Notice of hearing [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-5. Pre-hearing conference [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-6. Amicus curiae [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-7. Transcripts [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-8. Rights of parties at hearings [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-9. Amending of rules [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-5-10. Declaratory rulings by the Board [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Certification Cases: Representation Petitions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-1. Hearings to be conducted by Board or hearing officer [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-2. Open hearings [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-3. Motions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-4. Appearances [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-5. Witnesses [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-6. Discovery [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-7. Subpoenas [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-8. Rules of evidence [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-9. Refusal to respond to questions [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-10. Amendment of documents [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-11. Retention of documents by the Board [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-12. Substitution of parties [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-13. Consolidation [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-14. Intervention in proceeding [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-15. Agreed statement of facts [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-16. Burden of proof [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-17. Argument, briefs, proposed findings [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-18. Decisions and orders of the Board [revoked]
SECTION 585:1-7-19. Unauthorized ex parte communications [revoked]


[Authority: 11 O.S., §§ 51-101 et seq.; 75 O.S., §§ 302 et seq.]