Chapter 10. Public Employees Retirement System  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 590:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 590:10-1-2. Subsequent ineligibility
SECTION 590:10-1-3. Authorized member signature
SECTION 590:10-1-4. Health insurance contribution
SECTION 590:10-1-5. Withdrawal of contributions
SECTION 590:10-1-6. Dual membership
SECTION 590:10-1-7. Non-state agency contributions
SECTION 590:10-1-8. Reinstated entry date
SECTION 590:10-1-9. Receipt of documents
SECTION 590:10-1-10. Recordkeeping requirements
SECTION 590:10-1-11. De minimis provisions
SECTION 590:10-1-12. George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute employees
SECTION 590:10-1-13. Medical Technology and Research Authority employees
SECTION 590:10-1-14. Compensation for retirement purposes [superseded]
SECTION 590:10-1-15. Hazardous Duty Members
SECTION 590:10-1-16. Facsimile copies; electronic signatures
SECTION 590:10-1-17. Offset and recovery
SECTION 590:10-1-18. Release of records
SECTION 590:10-1-19. Mailing lists
SECTION 590:10-1-20. Actuarial cost to withdraw from system
Subchapter 2. Definitions
SECTION 590:10-2-1. General Definitions
SECTION 590:10-2-2. Normal retirement age
Subchapter 3. Credited Service
SECTION 590:10-3-1. Creditable prior service dates
SECTION 590:10-3-2. Oklahoma school districts
SECTION 590:10-3-3. Optional members prior service [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-3-4. Purchase Limits [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-3-5. Teachers' system credit
SECTION 590:10-3-6. Full-time-equivalent employment
SECTION 590:10-3-7. Unused sick leave credit payment
SECTION 590:10-3-8. Actuarial cost for purchases; delinquent service cost
SECTION 590:10-3-9. Purchase price payments
SECTION 590:10-3-10. Incentive credit
SECTION 590:10-3-11. Termination credit
SECTION 590:10-3-12. Military service credit
SECTION 590:10-3-13. Credit for involuntary furlough
SECTION 590:10-3-14. Elected official service credit
Subchapter 5. Contributions and Compensation
SECTION 590:10-5-1. Maximum level
SECTION 590:10-5-2. Initial opportunity to elect
SECTION 590:10-5-3. Required contributions
SECTION 590:10-5-4. Refund election [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-5-5. Effective date of election [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-5-6. Member responsibility [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-5-7. Statutory compensation contributions
SECTION 590:10-5-8. Compensation for retirement purposes
SECTION 590:10-5-9. Changes to contribution rates; deadline for notifying System
Subchapter 7. Retirement Benefits
SECTION 590:10-7-1. Computing final average compensation
SECTION 590:10-7-2. Involuntary furlough
SECTION 590:10-7-3. Longevity and other annual lump-sum payments
SECTION 590:10-7-4. Early retirement factor
SECTION 590:10-7-5. Selecting an option
SECTION 590:10-7-6. Failure to submit documents; benefit estimates
SECTION 590:10-7-7. Allowable adjustments
SECTION 590:10-7-8. Direct deposit and benefit deductions
SECTION 590:10-7-9. Fractional year computations
SECTION 590:10-7-10. Final benefit
SECTION 590:10-7-11. Minimum final average compensation
SECTION 590:10-7-12. Unpaid leave
SECTION 590:10-7-13. Filing for retirement and Initial retirement benefit
SECTION 590:10-7-14. Permanent part-time employment
SECTION 590:10-7-14.1. Seasonal or temporary employment; calculation of 1,000 hours
SECTION 590:10-7-15. 2 Post-retirement employment - calculation of benefits and service
SECTION 590:10-7-16. Rollovers
SECTION 590:10-7-17. Disability certification after early retirement
SECTION 590:10-7-18. Post-retirement employment - eligibility
SECTION 590:10-7-19. Required minimum distributions
SECTION 590:10-7-20. Actuarial assumptions
SECTION 590:10-7-21. Reemployed veterans; compliance with Code Section 414(u)
SECTION 590:10-7-22. Federal qualified military service rights
SECTION 590:10-7-23. Compliance with Section 415 limitations on contributions and benefits
Subchapter 8. Department of Corrections Benefits
SECTION 590:10-8-1. Department of Corrections Hazardous Duty Members
SECTION 590:10-8-2. Post-Hazardous Duty Members
SECTION 590:10-8-3. Continuation of Hazardous Duty benefits
SECTION 590:10-8-4. Maximum Participation as a Hazardous Duty Member
SECTION 590:10-8-5. Normal retirement date for Post-Hazardous Duty Members
SECTION 590:10-8-6. Employer Responsibility for Continuation of Hazardous Duty Benefits
Subchapter 9. Survivors and Beneficiaries
SECTION 590:10-9-1. Survivors' benefits
SECTION 590:10-9-2. Death benefit payment
SECTION 590:10-9-3. Divorced spouse beneficiaries
SECTION 590:10-9-4. Probate waivers
Subchapter 10. Department of Corrections Death in Performance of Duty Benefits
SECTION 590:10-10-1. Eligibility for Benefit
SECTION 590:10-10-2. Killed in Performance of Duty
SECTION 590:10-10-3. Mortally Wounded in Performance of Duty
SECTION 590:10-10-4. Exclusions
SECTION 590:10-10-5. Surviving Spouse Benefit
SECTION 590:10-10-6. Surviving Spouse Benefit Election
SECTION 590:10-10-7. Surviving Child Benefit
SECTION 590:10-10-8. Filing for Surviving Spouse and Surviving Child Benefits
Subchapter 11. Transported and State Portable Service Credit
SECTION 590:10-11-1. Transported service credit
SECTION 590:10-11-2. Election to transport
SECTION 590:10-11-3. Member's entry date
SECTION 590:10-11-4. Use of transported service
SECTION 590:10-11-5. Former members reinstated
SECTION 590:10-11-6. Completion of election
SECTION 590:10-11-7. Funds transfer
SECTION 590:10-11-8. Previous transfers or purchases
SECTION 590:10-11-9. State portable service credit
SECTION 590:10-11-10. Eligibility to transfer portable service
SECTION 590:10-11-11. Election to transfer portable service
SECTION 590:10-11-12. Member's entry date after transfer
SECTION 590:10-11-13. Use of transferred state portable service
SECTION 590:10-11-14. Completion of transfer election
SECTION 590:10-11-15. Funds transfer for portable service
SECTION 590:10-11-16. Previous transfers, purchases or transports
Subchapter 13. Excess Contributions
SECTION 590:10-13-1. Purpose and intent
SECTION 590:10-13-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:10-13-3. Post-tax excess contributions [revoked]
SECTION 590:10-13-4. Transfer of excess contributions
SECTION 590:10-13-5. Tax treatment of excess contributions
SECTION 590:10-13-6. Calculation of Earnings
SECTION 590:10-13-7. Residual transfer
SECTION 590:10-13-8. Deceased Eligible Members
Subchapter 15. Limited Retirement Benefit
SECTION 590:10-15-1. Purpose and intent
SECTION 590:10-15-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:10-15-3. Initial payment of limited benefits
SECTION 590:10-15-4. Subsequent payment of limited benefits
SECTION 590:10-15-5. Tax treatment of limited benefit
SECTION 590:10-15-6. Omitted limited eligible members
SECTION 590:10-15-7. Limited benefit amount
SECTION 590:10-15-8. Deceased limited eligible members
Subchapter 17. Step-Up Election and Benefits
SECTION 590:10-17-1. Step-Up
SECTION 590:10-17-2. Eligibility for Step-Up
SECTION 590:10-17-3. Irrevocable election of Step-Up
SECTION 590:10-17-4. Step-Up effective date
SECTION 590:10-17-5. Step-Up contributions
SECTION 590:10-17-6. Termination, withdrawal and repayment of Step-Up
SECTION 590:10-17-7. Step-Up participating service calculations
SECTION 590:10-17-8. Step-Up and post-retirement employment
SECTION 590:10-17-9. Step-Up decision
SECTION 590:10-17-10. Step-up benefits not eligible for Excess Benefit Plan
Subchapter 19. Medicare Gap Benefit Option
SECTION 590:10-19-1. Purpose and intent
SECTION 590:10-19-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:10-19-3. Medicare Gap Benefit option
SECTION 590:10-19-4. Irrevocable election of Medicare Gap Benefit option
SECTION 590:10-19-5. Medicare Gap Benefit
SECTION 590:10-19-6. Eligible Members
SECTION 590:10-19-7. Eligibility exclusions
SECTION 590:10-19-8. Calculation of the Medicare Gap Benefit
SECTION 590:10-19-9. Medicare Gap Benefit Inapplicable for joint annuitants
SECTION 590:10-19-10. Pop-up of the Medicare Gap Benefit
SECTION 590:10-19-11. Minimum benefit amount
SECTION 590:10-19-12. Calculation of Cost-of-Living Adjustments
SECTION 590:10-19-13. Medicare Gap benefits and post-retirement employment
SECTION 590:10-19-14. Payments to an alternate payee under a QDRO
Subchapter 21. Excess Benefit Plan and Trust
SECTION 590:10-21-1. Establishment and purpose
SECTION 590:10-21-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:10-21-3. Construction
SECTION 590:10-21-4. Participation
SECTION 590:10-21-5. Payment of benefits
SECTION 590:10-21-6. Contributions and funding
SECTION 590:10-21-7. Trust fund
SECTION 590:10-21-8. Administration
SECTION 590:10-21-9. Plan amendments
SECTION 590:10-21-10. Nonassignability and exemption from taxation and execution
SECTION 590:10-21-11. Federal and state taxes
SECTION 590:10-21-12. Investment
SECTION 590:10-21-13. Conflicts and limitation of rights


[Authority: 74 O.S., §§ 901 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-27-91]