Chapter 15. Uniform Retirement System for Justices and Judges  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 590:15-1-1. Purpose; defined benefit plan
SECTION 590:15-1-2. Administration
SECTION 590:15-1-3. Withholding
SECTION 590:15-1-4. Average monthly salary and maximum compensation
SECTION 590:15-1-5. Final benefit and Death benefit
SECTION 590:15-1-6. Revoking survivor benefits [revoked]
SECTION 590:15-1-7. Refund of survivor contributions [revoked]
SECTION 590:15-1-8. Re-entry after revocation [revoked]
SECTION 590:15-1-9. Actuarial cost for purchases
SECTION 590:15-1-10. Purchase price payments
SECTION 590:15-1-11. Maximum benefits
SECTION 590:15-1-12. Rollovers
SECTION 590:15-1-13. Survivor distributions
SECTION 590:15-1-14. Direct deposit
SECTION 590:15-1-15. Salary for retirement purposes [revoked]
SECTION 590:15-1-16. Longevity and other annual lump-sum payments [revoked]
SECTION 590:15-1-17. Military service credit
SECTION 590:15-1-18. Federal qualified military service rights
SECTION 590:15-1-19. Actuarial assumptions
SECTION 590:15-1-20. Employee contributions vested; forfeiture
SECTION 590:15-1-21. Required minimum distributions
SECTION 590:15-1-22. Health insurance contribution
SECTION 590:15-1-23. Normal retirement age
Subchapter 3. Excess Contributions
SECTION 590:15-3-1. Purpose and intent
SECTION 590:15-3-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:15-3-3. Transfer of excess contributions
SECTION 590:15-3-4. Limitations on transfer of excess contributions
SECTION 590:15-3-5. Initial and residual transfers
SECTION 590:15-3-6. Deceased Eligible Members
Subchapter 5. Excess Benefit Plan and Trust
SECTION 590:15-5-1. Establishment and purpose
SECTION 590:15-5-2. Definitions
SECTION 590:15-5-3. Construction
SECTION 590:15-5-4. Participation
SECTION 590:15-5-5. Payment of benefits
SECTION 590:15-5-6. Contributions and funding
SECTION 590:15-5-7. Trust fund
SECTION 590:15-5-8. Administration
SECTION 590:15-5-9. Plan amendments
SECTION 590:15-5-10. Nonassignability and exemption from taxation and execution
SECTION 590:15-5-11. Federal and state taxes
SECTION 590:15-5-12. Investment
SECTION 590:15-5-13. Conflicts and limitation of rights


[Authority: 20 O.S., §§ 1101 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-27-91]