Chapter 1. General Rules of the Department of Public Safety  

Subchapter 1. Organization of the Department of Public Safety
SECTION 595:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-1-2. Executive administration
SECTION 595:1-1-3. Function of each division which deals directly with and affects the public
SECTION 595:1-1-4. Information
Subchapter 3. Rules of Practice
SECTION 595:1-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-3-2. Location
SECTION 595:1-3-3. Administrative hearings
SECTION 595:1-3-4. General rules regarding hearings
SECTION 595:1-3-5. Place of hearing
SECTION 595:1-3-6. Computation of time
SECTION 595:1-3-7. Request for hearing
SECTION 595:1-3-8. Temporary license [revoked]
SECTION 595:1-3-9. Notice of action and opportunity for hearing [revoked]
SECTION 595:1-3-10. Hearing examiners
SECTION 595:1-3-11. Withdrawal of hearing request or dismissal of hearings
SECTION 595:1-3-12. Effect of dismissal [revoked]
SECTION 595:1-3-13. Appearance by counsel
SECTION 595:1-3-14. Conduct of hearings
SECTION 595:1-3-15. Witnesses and Exhibits
SECTION 595:1-3-16. Evidence
SECTION 595:1-3-17. Transcripts
SECTION 595:1-3-18. Decision of hearing officer
SECTION 595:1-3-19. Procedures for telephonic implied consent hearings
SECTION 595:1-3-20. Appeal
Subchapter 5. Petition to Promulgate, Amend or Repeal a Rule
SECTION 595:1-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-5-2. Petition
SECTION 595:1-5-3. Decision of Department of Public Safety
Subchapter 7. Declaratory Rulings
SECTION 595:1-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-7-2. Availability of Declaratory Rulings
SECTION 595:1-7-3. Form
SECTION 595:1-7-4. Filing and service of petition
SECTION 595:1-7-5. Ruling of Department
Subchapter 9. Inspection and Copying of Final Orders, Decisions, Opinions and Open Records
SECTION 595:1-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-9-2. Inspection and copies of open records
SECTION 595:1-9-3.1. Retention and destruction of Department records
SECTION 595:1-9-3. Records of the Department of Public Safety
SECTION 595:1-9-4. Fees
SECTION 595:1-9-5. Obtaining open records
SECTION 595:1-9-6. Summary of Motor Vehicle Report
Subchapter 11. Environmental Complaint Resolution
SECTION 595:1-11-1. Written and oral environmental complaints
Subchapter 13. Travel Use Log Procedures
SECTION 595:1-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-13-2. Use of the Travel Use Log form
SECTION 595:1-13-3. Availability of Travel Use Log forms for public inspection
SECTION 595:1-13-4. Summaries of Travel Use Log forms
Subchapter 15. Sale and Auction of Surplus and Forfeited Property
SECTION 595:1-15-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:1-15-2. Definitions
SECTION 595:1-15-3. Sale of surplus property
SECTION 595:1-15-4. Auction of surplus and forfeited property
SECTION 595:1-15-5. Auctioneer
Subchapter 17. Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education
SECTION 595:1-17-1. Creation of Committee
SECTION 595:1-17-2. Motorcycle Safety and Education Program Revolving Fund


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[Source: Codified 12-30-91]