Chapter 30. Size and Weights Permits  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 595:30-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:30-1-2. Applicability; adoption by reference
Subchapter 3. Size and Weight Permit Load
SECTION 595:30-3-1. When a permit is required
SECTION 595:30-3-2. A permit is a legal document; permit types
SECTION 595:30-3-3. Requesting, obtaining, and paying for a permit
SECTION 595:30-3-4. Conditions and restrictions
SECTION 595:30-3-5. Method of placing permit in suspension where conditions exist beyond the control of the permittee
SECTION 595:30-3-6. Method of obtaining permits [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-7. Establishing a monthly billing account
SECTION 595:30-3-8. Provisional permit book
SECTION 595:30-3-9. Suspension of permits obtained by provisional method
SECTION 595:30-3-10. Permit fees [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-11. Permit offices [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-12. Turnpikes [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-13. Governmental agencies
SECTION 595:30-3-14. Emergency moves [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-15. Extended permits (30 days) [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-16. "Oversize Load" sign and warning flags
SECTION 595:30-3-17. Requirements for escort vehicles and escort vehicle operators
SECTION 595:30-3-17.1. Certification of operators of escort vehicles for hire
SECTION 595:30-3-18. Oversize vehicles and loads
SECTION 595:30-3-19. Manufactured homes and industrialized housing
SECTION 595:30-3-20. Portable building
SECTION 595:30-3-21. Industrialized housing, houses, and buildings
SECTION 595:30-3-22. Agriculture permits
SECTION 595:30-3-23. Overweight loads [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-24. Rubber tired self-propelled construction equipment [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-3-25. Unitized equipment
SECTION 595:30-3-26. Special mobilized machinery
Subchapter 5. Special Combination Vehicles
SECTION 595:30-5-1. General
SECTION 595:30-5-2. Issuance of permits
SECTION 595:30-5-3. Denial, modification, suspension and revocation of permits
SECTION 595:30-5-4. Equipment requirements
SECTION 595:30-5-5. Operation of special combination vehicles
SECTION 595:30-5-6. Stability
SECTION 595:30-5-7. Weight
SECTION 595:30-5-8. Load sequence
Subchapter 7. Special Permit Loads [revoked]
SECTION 595:30-7-1. Special authorization permits for interstate highways [revoked]
Subchapter 9. National and Regional Permits
SECTION 595:30-9-1. Regional Permits
Appendix A. Oversize Load Sign [revoked]
Appendix B. Troop Areas [revoked]


[Authority: 47 O.S., §§ 2-108(b) and 14-116(A), 14-118(A), 14-118.1, 14-120(C), 14-120.1(D), and 14-121(B)]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]