Chapter 40. Driver Training and Improvement  

Subchapter 1. Driver Education Instruction
SECTION 595:40-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 595:40-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 595:40-1-3. Driver education instructor permit/license
SECTION 595:40-1-4. Qualifications for instructors
SECTION 595:40-1-5. Driving record of applicant [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-1-6. Review of license and school
SECTION 595:40-1-7. Eligibility for re-issuance of instructor permits
SECTION 595:40-1-8. Written notice of denial
SECTION 595:40-1-9. Prescribed course of study
SECTION 595:40-1-10. Student eligibility
SECTION 595:40-1-11. Specification for vehicles other than motorcycles
SECTION 595:40-1-12. Insurance
SECTION 595:40-1-13. Reports
SECTION 595:40-1-14. Eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-1-15. Requirements for all driver education schools and classrooms except public schools
SECTION 595:40-1-16. Prohibited acts; conduct
SECTION 595:40-1-17. Suspension or revocation of license
SECTION 595:40-1-18. Hearings
Subchapter 3. Commercial Driver Training [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-2. Requirements for commercial driver training school license [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-3. Requirements for commercial driver training school instructors [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-4. Commercial truck driver training schools and instructors [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-5. Prohibited acts [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-6. Suspension or revocation of license [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-3-7. Hearings [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-2. Compliance with laws, rules, and regulations [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-3. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-4. Applications for approval and issuance of certification of sponsoring agencies and instructors to conduct motor vehicle accident prevention courses [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-5. Minimum curriculum requirements for MVAPC courses [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-6. Minimum qualifications for certification of course instructors and grounds for disqualification [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-7. Responsibilities of sponsoring agencies [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-8. Grounds for revocation of authority to conduct MVAPC and for revocation of an instructor's certification [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-9. Denial or revocation of sponsoring agency certification; denial or revocation of instructor certification [revoked]
SECTION 595:40-5-10. Student attendance requirements [revoked]


[Authority: 36 O.S., § 924.1; 47 O.S., §§ 6-105 and 802]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]