Chapter 11. Administration of Abstractors Act  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 5:11-1-1. Purpose
Subchapter 3. Abstract Licenses, Certificates of Authority, and Permits
SECTION 5:11-3-1. Who must hold abstract license
SECTION 5:11-3-2. Examinations for abstract license
SECTION 5:11-3-3. Bonds required for permits and certificates of authority
SECTION 5:11-3-4. Application fees for permits, certificates of authority, and renewals
SECTION 5:11-3-5. Licensing associations, corporations, partnerships
SECTION 5:11-3-6. Transfer of certificate of authority
SECTION 5:11-3-7. Licensing nonresidents
SECTION 5:11-3-8. Change of employment status
SECTION 5:11-3-9. Forms
SECTION 5:11-3-10. Report of change of controlling interest
Subchapter 5. Regulation of Licensees, Certificate Holders, and Permit Holders
SECTION 5:11-5-1. Inspections
SECTION 5:11-5-2. Penalties for failure to pay renewal fees
SECTION 5:11-5-3. Preparation of abstracts
SECTION 5:11-5-4. Minimum standards for preparation of abstracts
SECTION 5:11-5-5. Abstracts furnished without delay
Subchapter 7. Application for Permit to Develop Abstract Plant
SECTION 5:11-7-1. Application for permit to develop abstract plant
SECTION 5:11-7-2. Renewal of permit to develop abstract plant
SECTION 5:11-7-3. Business activities of a permit holder
SECTION 5:11-7-4. Permit not transferrable
Subchapter 9. Application for Certificate of Authority
SECTION 5:11-9-1. Application for certificate of authority
Subchapter 11. Temporary Certificate of Authority
SECTION 5:11-11-1. Procedures for the Board to issue a temporary certificate of authority
SECTION 5:11-11-2. Application for temporary certificate of authority
SECTION 5:11-11-3. Duties, rights, and obligations under the temporary certificate of authority
SECTION 5:11-11-4. Administration of temporary certificate of authority
SECTION 5:11-11-5. Period of suspension
SECTION 5:11-11-6. Extension of suspension
SECTION 5:11-11-7. Voluntary agreements
Subchapter 13. Application for Abstractor License
SECTION 5:11-13-1. Application for abstractor license


Editor's Note: On 7-15-09, the emergency rules added in Chapter 10 of this Title [see OAC 5:10] were superseded by permanent rules added in this Chapter 11. For text of Chapter 10 emergency rules effective from 2-19-08 through 7-14-09, see 25 Ok Reg 751. For text of Chapter 10 emergency rules effective from 10-17-08 through 7-14-09, see 26 Ok Reg 163.

[Authority: Title 1 O.S. § 22 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-15-09]