Chapter 20. Complaints and Enforcement [superseded]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-1-1. Administrative Procedures Act [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-1-2. Filing complaints [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-1-3. Investigators [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-1-4. Special prosecutors [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-1-5. Cost of investigations [superseded]
Subchapter 3. Complaint Investigation Procedures [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-3-1. Enforcement committee procedures [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-3-2. Responsibility of investigators [superseded]
Subchapter 5. Formal Complaint Procedures [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-1. Filing of formal complaint [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-2. Violations by holders of a certificate of authority, abstract license, or permit [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-3. Formal complaint hearing procedures [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-4. Standards for making decision [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-5. Subpoena of witness, documents, or things [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-6. Discipline for violations by applicants [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-7. Violations by individuals who do not hold a certificate of authority, liense, or permit [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-8. Final orders [superseded]
SECTION 5:20-5-9. Rehearings [superseded]


Editor's Note: On 7-15-09, the emergency rules added in this Chapter were superseded by permanent rules in a new Chapter 21 [See OAC 5:21]. For text of emergency rules effective from 4-17-08 through 7-14-09, see 25 Ok Reg 1500.