Chapter 10. Requirements, Standards and Procedures

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 605:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 605:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 605:10-1-3. Appeal of administrative decisions; procedures
SECTION 605:10-1-4. Returned checks - disposition
Subchapter 3. Education and Examination Requirements
SECTION 605:10-3-1. Prelicense education requirements
SECTION 605:10-3-2. Application for license
SECTION 605:10-3-3. Proceedings upon application for a license
SECTION 605:10-3-4. Broker applicant; experience
SECTION 605:10-3-4.1. Broker associate applicant; experience
SECTION 605:10-3-5. Examinations
SECTION 605:10-3-6. Continuing education requirement
SECTION 605:10-3-7. Provisional sales associate post-license education requirement
Subchapter 5. Instructor and Entity Requirements and Standards
SECTION 605:10-5-1. Approval of pre-license course
SECTION 605:10-5-1.1. Approval of a post-license course
SECTION 605:10-5-2. Approval of a continuing education course
SECTION 605:10-5-3. Standards for Commission approved real estate courses
Subchapter 7. Licensing Procedures and Options
SECTION 605:10-7-1.1. Documentation required for compliance necessary to verify citizenship, qualified alien status, and eligibility under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
SECTION 605:10-7-1. License issuance
SECTION 605:10-7-2. License terms and fees; renewals; reinstatements
SECTION 605:10-7-3. Placement of license on inactive status
SECTION 605:10-7-4. Request for activation or re-issuance of license
SECTION 605:10-7-5. Name changes
SECTION 605:10-7-6. Certification of license history
SECTION 605:10-7-7. Branch offices
SECTION 605:10-7-8.3. Sole Proprietor licensing procedures
SECTION 605:10-7-8.4. Managing broker, broker proprietor or branch broker's corporation or association formed for the purpose of receiving compensation
SECTION 605:10-7-8. Corporation licensing procedures and requirements of good standing
SECTION 605:10-7-8.1. Partnership licensing procedures and requirements of good standing
SECTION 605:10-7-8.2. Association licensing procedures and requirements of good standing
SECTION 605:10-7-9. Nonresident licensing
SECTION 605:10-7-10. Resident applicants currently or previously licensed in other jurisdictions
Subchapter 9. Broker's Operational Proecures
SECTION 605:10-9-1. Place of business and broker requirements
SECTION 605:10-9-2. Office identification
SECTION 605:10-9-3. Trade names
SECTION 605:10-9-3.2. Team registration and fees
SECTION 605:10-9-4. Advertising
SECTION 605:10-9-5. Broker change of address or office telephone number
SECTION 605:10-9-6. Death or disability of broker
SECTION 605:10-9-7. Requirements for cessation of real estate activities
SECTION 605:10-9-8. Branch office closing instructions
Subchapter 11. Associate's Licensing Procedures
SECTION 605:10-11-1. Acts of associates
SECTION 605:10-11-2. Associate licenses
SECTION 605:10-11-3. Associate's corporation or association formed for the purpose of receiving compensation
Subchapter 13. Trust Account Procedures
SECTION 605:10-13-1. Duty to account; broker
SECTION 605:10-13-2. Duty to account; associate
SECTION 605:10-13-3. Special escrow disbursement
Subchapter 15. Disclosures, Brokerage Services and Statute of Frauds
SECTION 605:10-15-1. Disclosure of beneficial interest or referrals
SECTION 605:10-15-2. Broker Relationships Act to become effective November 1, 2013
SECTION 605:10-15-3. Requirements for furnishing psychological factors
SECTION 605:10-15-4. Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act forms
Subchapter 17. Causes for Investigation; Hearing Process; Prohibited Acts; Discipline
SECTION 605:10-17-1. Commissions and disputes
SECTION 605:10-17-2. Complaint procedures
SECTION 605:10-17-3. Complaint hearings; notice and procedures
SECTION 605:10-17-4. Prohibited dealings
SECTION 605:10-17-5. Substantial misrepresentation
SECTION 605:10-17-6. Requirements for suspended/revoked licensee
SECTION 605:10-17-7. Cessation of licensed activities upon loss of license
Appendix A. Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Appendix B. Residential Property Condition Disclaimer Statement Form


[Authority: 59 O.S., § 858-208]
[Source: Codified 3-19-91]