Chapter 25. Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

Subchapter 1. Academic Scholars Program
SECTION 610:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-1-3. General principles for operation of program
SECTION 610:25-1-4. Eligibility Requirements and Term of Scholarship Award
SECTION 610:25-1-5. Criteria for Annual Renewal
SECTION 610:25-1-6. Reinstatement; leave of absence
SECTION 610:25-1-7. Fiscal aspects of program
SECTION 610:25-1-8. Requirements for graduate and professional study
Subchapter 3. Chancellor Hans Brisch scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-3-2. Criteria for selection of recipients
SECTION 610:25-3-3. General principles for operation of program
Subchapter 5. William P. Willis Scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-5-2. Eligibility
SECTION 610:25-5-3. Nomination and selection of recipients
SECTION 610:25-5-4. Maximum limitations
SECTION 610:25-5-5. Study load requirements
SECTION 610:25-5-6. Scholarship apportionment
SECTION 610:25-5-7. Certification of compliance
Subchapter 7. Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program
SECTION 610:25-7-1. Program purpose
SECTION 610:25-7-2. Legislative authority
SECTION 610:25-7-3. Administration of grants and payments
SECTION 610:25-7-4. Maximum limitations
SECTION 610:25-7-5. Non-discrimination provision
SECTION 610:25-7-6. Eligibility; amount of grant; application procedures and deadlines; disbursement of funds
SECTION 610:25-7-7. Grant program not to influence institution's policies
SECTION 610:25-7-8. Funding
SECTION 610:25-7-9. Authorized institutional representative
SECTION 610:25-7-10. Refunds and institutional liability
Subchapter 9. Future Teachers' Scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-9-1. Program purpose
SECTION 610:25-9-2. Eligibility
SECTION 610:25-9-3. Grants and payments
SECTION 610:25-9-4. Maximum limitations
SECTION 610:25-9-5. Study load requirements [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-9-6. Certifications of compliance [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-9-7. Nomination procedures
Subchapter 11. Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-11-2. Requirements
SECTION 610:25-11-3. Application procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-4. Selection procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-5. Grants and payments [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-6. Terms and conditions of scholarship [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-6.1. Eligibility to remain in program [Expired]
SECTION 610:25-11-7. Failure to meet commitment/repayment; required documentation [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-8. Eligibility to remain in program [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-11-9. Appeal procedure for noncompliance
Subchapter 13. Oklahoma Teacher Education Loan Program [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-2. Eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-3. Application procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-4. Terms and conditions of loans [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-5. Annual loan limit [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-6. Aggregate loan limit [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-7. Study load requirements [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-13-8. Certification of compliance [revoked]
Subchapter 15. Doctoral Study Grant Program [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-2. Eligibility and priority [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-3. Application procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-4. Fee waivers [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-5. Assistantship/apprenticeship [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-6. Stipends and payments [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-7. Maximum limitations [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-8. Study load requirements; certification of compliance [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-15-9. Schedule of payments [revoked]
Subchapter 17. Professional Degree Assistance Grant: Assisting Minority Students in Professional Degree Programs [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-2. Eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-3. Application procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-4. Grants and payments [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-5. Maximum limitations [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-17-6. Study load requirements; certification of compliance [revoked]
Subchapter 19. Chiropractic Education Assistance Program
SECTION 610:25-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-19-2. Application procedure
SECTION 610:25-19-2.1. Eligibility
SECTION 610:25-19-3. Notice of approval
SECTION 610:25-19-4. Eligibility [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 610:25-19-2.1] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 610:25-19-5. Amount of assistance
SECTION 610:25-19-6. Payments [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-19-7. Notification of change of address [revoked]
Subchapter 21. Heartland Scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-21-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-21-2. Definitions
SECTION 610:25-21-3. Eligibility requirements
SECTION 610:25-21-4. Principles for awards, continuation of awards, disbursements, refunds, and applications
SECTION 610:25-21-5. Trust funds
SECTION 610:25-21-6. Administration
SECTION 610:25-21-7. Coordination
Subchapter 23. Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program
SECTION 610:25-23-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-23-2. Eligibility of participants
SECTION 610:25-23-3. Applications
SECTION 610:25-23-4. Program requirements
SECTION 610:25-23-5. Securing Program benefits
SECTION 610:25-23-6. Retaining eligibility in postsecondary education
SECTION 610:25-23-7. Payment of awards; policies and limitations
SECTION 610:25-23-8. Administrative responsibilities
SECTION 610:25-23-9. Heroes Promise
Subchapter 25. Suspension or Non-Renewal of Professional or Commercial Driver Licenses [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-3. Notification procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-4. Written repayment agreement executed subsequent to final notice [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-5. Repayment agreement default [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-6. Hearing procedure [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-7. Procedure for notification of licensing board to suspend and not renew [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-8. Procedure for appeal of hearing official's decision [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-25-9. Procedure for notification of licensing board to renew or terminate suspension [revoked]
Subchapter 27. Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program
SECTION 610:25-27-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-27-2. Eligible student loans
SECTION 610:25-27-3. Application procedure
SECTION 610:25-27-4. Coursework requirements for participant eligibility
SECTION 610:25-27-5. Educational loan obligations for participant(s) with outstanding student loan debt
SECTION 610:25-27-6. Participant eligibility for benefits of the TSEIP
SECTION 610:25-27-7. Benefits to be disbursed under the program
SECTION 610:25-27-8. Fiscal limitations of the program
SECTION 610:25-27-9. Verification and notification requirements
Subchapter 29. Tulsa Reconciliation Education and Scholarship Act
SECTION 610:25-29-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-29-2. Definitions
SECTION 610:25-29-3. Eligibility requirements
SECTION 610:25-29-4. Principles for awards, continuation of awards, disbursements, refunds, and applications
SECTION 610:25-29-5. Trust funds
Subchapter 31. Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant Program
SECTION 610:25-31-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-31-2. Definitions
SECTION 610:25-31-3. Eligibility Requirements
SECTION 610:25-31-4. Fiscal Policies
SECTION 610:25-31-5. Refunds, institutional liability and complaint process
Subchapter 33. Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship Program
SECTION 610:25-33-1. Purpose
SECTION 610:25-33-2. Definitions
SECTION 610:25-33-3. General Provisions
SECTION 610:25-33-4. Eligibility Requirements
SECTION 610:25-33-5. Criteria for Continued Eligibility
SECTION 610:25-33-6. Fiscal Policies
Subchapter 35. Oklahoma Money Matters Americorps Education Award Program [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-3. Program Information [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-4. Field Site Selection [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-5. Member Candidacy [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-6. Grievance Procedures [revoked]
SECTION 610:25-35-7. Program Capacity [revoked]


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[Source: Codified 1-27-92]