Chapter 10. Supervision, Regulation and Administration [Transferred]  

Subchapter 1. Charters, Branches, Agencies, Loan Production Offices, and Service Corporations [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-1. Purpose [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-2. Definitions [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-3. Application for new charter [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-4. Minimum number of members for chartering a mutual association [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-5. Offering circular use in chartering process [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-6. Trusteed stock [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-7. Disclosure of contracts with the proposed association [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-8. Limitation on de novo association ownership [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-9. Application for establishing or relocating a branch office or detached facility [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-9.1. Relocation of branch office [revoked]
SECTION 625:10-1-10. Branch office operations [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-11. Branch office closing [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-12. Loan production offices [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-1-13. Agencies [Transferred]
Subchapter 3. Departmental Requirements for Reports, Requests and Applications [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-1. Report of change of chief executive officer [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-2. Report of change in controlling interest [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-3. Forms available [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-4. Filing of copies of applications, petitions, and requests [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-5. Approval of amendments to articles of incorporation and by-laws [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-6. Change in nomenclature [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-7. Increase in authorized stock/issuance of preferred stock [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-8. Criminal referral [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-9. Bond waiver guidelines [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-10. Deposit and safekeeping fees/dormant property [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-11. Semiannual report of condition [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-3-12. Fees [Transferred]
Subchapter 5. Substantive Guidelines and Restrictions [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-1. Powers of federal associations granted to state associations [revoked]
SECTION 625:10-5-2. Adjustable rate mortgage loans [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-3. Graduated payment adjustable rate mortgage loans and reverse annuity mortgage loans [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-4. Investment in a line of credit to homebuilders [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-5. Participation [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-6. Lending on stock prohibited [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-7. Loans on property other than homes [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-8. Loans to officers, directors and affiliated persons [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-9. Mobile home financing [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-10. Loss reserve requirements [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-11. Variable and extra rate savings accounts [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-12. Transfer of shares [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-13. Safe deposit boxes [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-5-14. Letter of credit [Transferred]
Subchapter 7. Mergers and Conversions [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-7-1. Mergers [Transferred]
SECTION 625:10-7-2. Conversion from mutual to stock savings & loan association [Transferred]


[Authority: 18 O.S., § 381.5]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]