Chapter 30. Address Confidentiality Program [Transferred]

SECTION 655:30-1-1. Purpose [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-2. Definitions [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-3. Forms and informational material [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-4. Application assistants [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-5. Criteria for program participation [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-6. Applying for participation [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-7. Certification [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-8. Certification renewal [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-9. Certification withdrawal and cancellation [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-10. Use of the substitute address [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-11. Public schools [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-12. Voter registration [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-13. Service of process [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-14. Agency exemption [Transferred]
SECTION 655:30-1-15. Disclosure of records [Transferred]


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-08, the rules in this Chapter were transferred to Chapter 20 in the Attorney General's Title 75 [OAC 75:20-1-1 through 75:20-1-15]. Pursuant to House Bill 2638 (2008), "rules promulgated by the Office of the Secretary of State to implement [the Address Confidentiality Program] shall be transferred to and become part of the administrative rules of the Office of the Attorney General. . . . Such rules shall continue in force and effect as rules of the Office of the Attorney General from and after July 1, 2008, and any amendment, repeal, or addition to transferred rules shall be under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General" [House Bill 2638 (2008)]. As directed by HB 2638, an Editor's Notice was published in the Oklahoma Register [see 25 Ok Reg 2607], announcing the transfer of the rules from this Chapter [OAC 655:30] to OAC 75:20. For additional information relating to this transfer, see House Bill 2638 (2008).

[Authority: 22 O.S., § 60.14]
[Source: Codified 6-25-04]