Chapter 5. Rules of Practice  

Subchapter 1. Application of Rules
SECTION 690:5-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 690:5-1-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 690:5-1-3. Rules to govern formal proceedings
SECTION 690:5-1-4. Informal proceedings
SECTION 690:5-1-5. Citation of rules [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Proceedings Upon Denial of License [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-1. Request for hearing [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-2. Submission of hearing request [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-3. Scheduling of hearing [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-4. Notice of hearing [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-5. Rights of aggrieved party at hearing [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-6. Order of Board affirming its decision [revoked]
SECTION 690:5-3-7. Action to annul or vacate Board's order [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Individual Proceedings
SECTION 690:5-5-1. Notice of proposed hearing
SECTION 690:5-5-2. Continuance of hearing
SECTION 690:5-5-3. Subpoena powers and administering of oaths
SECTION 690:5-5-4. Rights of licensee at hearing
SECTION 690:5-5-5. Presentation of evidence
SECTION 690:5-5-6. Record of the hearing to be preserved
SECTION 690:5-5-7. Transcription of oral proceedings
SECTION 690:5-5-8. Order of Board for imposition of disciplinary action
SECTION 690:5-5-9. Action to annul or vacate Board's order
SECTION 690:5-5-10. Rules for hearings
Subchapter 7. Procedures in Individual Proceedings
SECTION 690:5-7-1. Filing of petition for relief against named person
SECTION 690:5-7-2. Notice of filing of petition to person named
SECTION 690:5-7-3. Service of notices and other papers
SECTION 690:5-7-4. Service by mail or publication
SECTION 690:5-7-5. Setting of hearing and hearing continuance
SECTION 690:5-7-6. Subpoena powers
Subchapter 9. Proceedings for Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal of Rules
SECTION 690:5-9-1. Authority to promulgate, amend or repeal rules
SECTION 690:5-9-2. Petition for promulgation, amendment or repeal
SECTION 690:5-9-3. Consideration of petition by the Board
SECTION 690:5-9-4. Hearings on Board's own motion
SECTION 690:5-9-5. Appearances at hearings on proposed rules
SECTION 690:5-9-6. Submission of evidence and argument on proposed rules
Subchapter 11. Administrative Review by the Board
SECTION 690:5-11-1. Procedure for administrative review by the Board
Subchapter 13. Requests for Declaratory Rulings
SECTION 690:5-13-1. Filing of petition for declaratory ruling
SECTION 690:5-13-2. Contents of petition for declaratory ruling
SECTION 690:5-13-3. Consideration by Board
SECTION 690:5-13-4. Presentation and argument
SECTION 690:5-13-5. Decision of the Board
SECTION 690:5-13-6. Appeals from declaratory rulings


[Authority: 59 O.S., § 1613; 75 O.S., § 302]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]