Title 70. Oklahoma Arts Council  

Chapter 1. Administrative Operations
Chapter 10. Oklahoma Arts Council Programs


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-15, as set forth in House Bill 1824 (2015), "all administrative rules promulgated by the Oklahoma Historical Society relating to the implementation and administration of the Oklahoma Art in Public Places Act shall be enforceable by the Oklahoma Arts Council. The rules shall continue in force and effect after [7-1-15], and the Oklahoma Arts Council shall have the authority to amend, repeal, recodify or make addition to the rules" [HB 1824, § 1(F)]. Therefore, as of 7-1-15, the rules of the Historical Society in Chapter 10 of Title 320 (as last published in the 2011 Edition of the OAC) are considered to be rules of the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-96, the name of the State Arts Council of Oklahoma was changed to the Oklahoma Arts Council. For additional information, see 53 O.S., § 163.