Chapter 22. Boats and Motors  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 710:22-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:22-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:22-1-3. Registration generally required
SECTION 710:22-1-4. Registration year
SECTION 710:22-1-5. Registration may be prorated; proration periods
SECTION 710:22-1-6. Registration and title
SECTION 710:22-1-7. Fee for certificate of title
SECTION 710:22-1-8. Display of permanent number and registration decal
SECTION 710:22-1-9. Assignment of new boat or motor to be notarized
SECTION 710:22-1-10. Title transfers; time limitation
SECTION 710:22-1-11. Annual renewal of registration [revoked]
SECTION 710:22-1-12. Vessels registered with U.S. Coast Guard
SECTION 710:22-1-13. John boats
SECTION 710:22-1-14. Fees and penalties
SECTION 710:22-1-15. Military personnel
SECTION 710:22-1-16. Rental fleets of houseboats
SECTION 710:22-1-17. State-owned boats or motors
SECTION 710:22-1-18. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Campfire Girls [revoked]
SECTION 710:22-1-19. Out-of-state and foreign registered boats and motors [revoked]
SECTION 710:22-1-20. Theft of boat or outboard motor; defective boat or outboard motor
SECTION 710:22-1-21. Liens
SECTION 710:22-1-22. Commercial canoes
SECTION 710:22-1-23. Amphibious vehicles
Subchapter 3. Dealers
SECTION 710:22-3-1. Boats or motors in dealer's possession; demonstration permits; contest participation
SECTION 710:22-3-2. Boat or motor purchased with out-of-state title
SECTION 710:22-3-3. Tax stamp required upon sale of boat or motor
SECTION 710:22-3-4. Tax stamp required upon assignment to another dealer
Subchapter 5. Procedures for Registration
SECTION 710:22-5-1. General provisions [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-4] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-2. New boats and/or motors bought in Oklahoma or out-of-state [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-5] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-3. Used boats and/or motors bought in Oklahoma [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-6] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-4. Used boats and/or motors bought out-of-state [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-7] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-5. Boats and/or motors brought in from out-of-state [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-8] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-6. Homemade boats and boats or motors without HIN or serial numbers [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-10] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-5-7. Renewal of registration [revoked]
SECTION 710:22-5-8. Registration fees
SECTION 710:22-5-9. Registration decals
SECTION 710:22-5-10. Tribal vessel registration information integration
SECTION 710:22-5-11. Registration renewal notification
Subchapter 7. Titles
SECTION 710:22-7-1. Application for transfers [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-11] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-7-2. Application for duplicate title [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-12] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-7-3. Repossessions [AMENDED AND RENUMBERED TO 710:22-7-13] [Amended and Renumbered]
SECTION 710:22-7-4. General provisions
SECTION 710:22-7-5. New boats or outboard motors purchased in Oklahoma or out-of-state
SECTION 710:22-7-6. Used (previously unregistered) boats or outboard motors purchased in Oklahoma
SECTION 710:22-7-7. Used boats and/or outboard motors entering from another titling and/or registering state
SECTION 710:22-7-8. Used outboard motors entering from a non-titling and non-registering state
SECTION 710:22-7-9. Ownership Affidavit
SECTION 710:22-7-10. Homemade boats and boats or outboard motors without hull identification or serial numbers
SECTION 710:22-7-11. Application for transfers of title
SECTION 710:22-7-12. Application for replacement title
SECTION 710:22-7-13. Repossessions
SECTION 710:22-7-14. Abandoned vessels or outboard motors
Subchapter 9. Excise Tax
SECTION 710:22-9-1. General provisions
Subchapter 11. Penalties
SECTION 710:22-11-1. Penalty on original registration
SECTION 710:22-11-2. Penalty on renewal registration
SECTION 710:22-11-3. Penalty on excise
Subchapter 13. Affidavits and Forms [revoked]
SECTION 710:22-13-1. Frequently used forms and procedures generally [revoked]


[Authority: 63 O.S., §§ 4004, 4030(F), 4102(A), 4204(B), and 4209.2; 68 O.S., § 203]
[Source: Codified 6-12-92]