Chapter 95. Miscellaneous Areas of Regulatory and Administrative Authority

Subchapter 1. Controlled Dangerous Substances Stamp Tax
SECTION 710:95-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-1-2. Definitions [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-1-3. Unavailability of stamps
SECTION 710:95-1-4. Non-disclosure of information
SECTION 710:95-1-5. Purchase of stamps
SECTION 710:95-1-6. Refunds prohibited
SECTION 710:95-1-7. Denominations of stamps
SECTION 710:95-1-8. Determination of number and denomination of stamps needed
SECTION 710:95-1-9. Assessment of taxes due
SECTION 710:95-1-10. Affixing of Controlled Dangerous Substances Tax Stamps; usage limited
Subchapter 3. Telecommunication for the Hearing-Impaired Surcharge
SECTION 710:95-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-3-2. Definitions [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-3-3. Telecommunications for the hearing-impaired surcharge
Subchapter 4. Rental Tax on Motor Vehicle Rentals
SECTION 710:95-4-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-4-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-4-3. Applicability of the rental tax on motor vehicle rentals
SECTION 710:95-4-4. Collection, reporting, remittance of the tax; interest and penalties
SECTION 710:95-4-5. Recordkeeping
SECTION 710:95-4-6. Examples and applications
Subchapter 5. Used Tire Recycling
SECTION 710:95-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-5-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-5-3. Used tire recycling fee
SECTION 710:95-5-4. Oklahoma sales by mobile sellers
SECTION 710:95-5-5. When fee does not apply [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-6. Farm implement tires [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-7. Vendors without Oklahoma locations or inventory
SECTION 710:95-5-8. Transactions to which the fee is inapplicable
SECTION 710:95-5-9. Examples
SECTION 710:95-5-10. Computation
SECTION 710:95-5-11. Reporting and remitting
SECTION 710:95-5-12. Voluntary payments by persons who desire used tires to be collected and transported
SECTION 710:95-5-13. Procedure to be used by waste tire facilities and "TDF facilities" to request compensation for the collection and transportation of waste tires and either the processing and sale of processed waste tires or the use of the tires as fuel or for the manufacture of new products [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-14. Procedure to be used by businesses that utilize waste tires to request compensation [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-15. Review and determination of requests for compensation; protest procedure following denial of compensation request [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-16. Required procedures for monthly certification to the Commission by DEQ [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-17. Documentation to be provided to the Commission [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-18. Transfers between tire dealers using reimbursement manifest [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-19. Compliance
SECTION 710:95-5-20. Procedures to request compensation for use by entities which process and utilize waste tires in erosion control, bank stabilization or other conservation projects [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-21. Procedure to be used by units of local or county government to request compensation for tires that are baled and used in approved engineering projects [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-5-22. Apportionment of funds among claimants [revoked]
Subchapter 6. Oklahoma Safe Playground Surfaces Program [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-6-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-6-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-6-3. Determination of the availability of matching funds [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-6-4. Procedure to be used by public schools or institutions and state parks or recreation areas to request compensation [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-6-5. Review and determination of requests for reimbursement or payment [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Charity Games [revoked]
Part 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS [revoked]
Part 3. LICENSES [revoked]
Part 5. EXEMPTIONS [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Professional Licensing Compliance Review
SECTION 710:95-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-9-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-9-3. General provisions
SECTION 710:95-9-4. Procedure for review of status and notification to licensee
SECTION 710:95-9-5. Procedure for notification of status to licensing entity
Subchapter 11. State Employees Compliance Review
SECTION 710:95-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-11-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-11-3. General provisions
SECTION 710:95-11-4. Procedure for review of status and notification to state employee
SECTION 710:95-11-5. Procedure for notification of status to appointing authority
Subchapter 13. Out-Of-State Attorney Registration [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-13-1. Out-of-State Attorney Registration [revoked]
Subchapter 15. Wire Transmitter Fee
SECTION 710:95-15-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-15-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-15-3. Wire transmitter fee
SECTION 710:95-15-4. Transactions to which the fee is not applicable
SECTION 710:95-15-5. Compliance
SECTION 710:95-15-6. Conflict of law
Subchapter 17. Prepaid Wireless Fee
SECTION 710:95-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-17-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-3. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-17-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-5. Fees, reports, payments and penalties
SECTION 710:95-17-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-7. Due date that falls on Saturday, Sunday or holiday
SECTION 710:95-17-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-9. Contents of monthly prepaid wireless fee report
SECTION 710:95-17-10. Record maintenance for wireless and VoIP service providers
SECTION 710:95-17-11. Registrants must file a return for every reporting period
SECTION 710:95-17-12. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-13. Records required to document resale transactions
SECTION 710:95-17-14. [Reserved]
SECTION 710:95-17-15. Sourcing retail purchases of prepaid wireless telecommunications service
Subchapter 19. Business Activity Tax [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-3. General provisions [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-4. Filing requirements [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-5. Tax rate [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-6. Tax credit [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-7. Special provisions for combined / consolidated filers [revoked]
SECTION 710:95-19-8. Apportionment [revoked]
Subchapter 21. Quality Events
SECTION 710:95-21-1. Purpose
SECTION 710:95-21-2. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-21-3. Quality event requirements, limitations and eligibility
SECTION 710:95-21-4. Quality event approval and application requirements
SECTION 710:95-21-5. Tax Commission review and approval process
SECTION 710:95-21-6. Determination of eligible local support amounts
SECTION 710:95-21-7. Host community requirement to submit event related information
SECTION 710:95-21-8. Verification of incremental state sales tax revenue
SECTION 710:95-21-9. Manner of determining payment
SECTION 710:95-21-10. Incentive payment limitations
SECTION 710:95-21-11. Incentive payments to host communities
Subchapter 22. Registration Requirements for Resident and Nonresident Contractors
SECTION 710:95-22-1. Definitions
SECTION 710:95-22-2. Requirement for contractors to possess certain employer identification numbers
SECTION 710:95-22-3. Requirement for contractors to provide proof of employer identification numbers
SECTION 710:95-22-4. Fines for violating contractor requirements
SECTION 710:95-22-5. Complaints
SECTION 710:95-22-6. Fine for misclassification of employees
SECTION 710:95-22-7. Fine referral, imposition and notification
SECTION 710:95-22-8. Fine review procedures
SECTION 710:95-22-9. Hearing procedures governing fine protests


[Authority: 3A O.S. § 422; 27A O.S., §§ 2-11-307, 2-11-401.6(A), and 2-11-401.7; 68 O.S., §§ 203, 238.1(G), 238.2(F), 450.4(A), 1515, 1709, and 4309 ]
[Source: Codified 12-30-91]