Chapter 30. Division of State Parks  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
Subchapter 2. General Purpose
SECTION 725:30-2-1. Rulemaking authority and purpose
SECTION 725:30-2-2. Applicability and scope
SECTION 725:30-2-3. Penalties
SECTION 725:30-2-4. Definitions
SECTION 725:30-2-5. Hours of operation
SECTION 725:30-2-6. Closure and curfew
SECTION 725:30-2-7. Public notice
SECTION 725:30-2-8. Signs, signals and markings
Subchapter 3. Group Camps [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-3-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-3-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-3-3. Rental policy [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Public Use and Recreation
SECTION 725:30-4-1. Preservation and protection of natural, cultural and archaeological resources
SECTION 725:30-4-2. Hunting
SECTION 725:30-4-3. Fishing
SECTION 725:30-4-4. Weapons
SECTION 725:30-4-5. Research and specimens
SECTION 725:30-4-6. Audio disturbances and quiet hours
SECTION 725:30-4-7. Fires
SECTION 725:30-4-8. Sanitation
SECTION 725:30-4-9. Pets [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-4-10. Horses, llamas and pack animals
SECTION 725:30-4-11. Aircraft
SECTION 725:30-4-12. Smoking
SECTION 725:30-4-13. Property
SECTION 725:30-4-14. Trespassing, tampering and vandalism
SECTION 725:30-4-15. Interfering, lawful order and false reports
SECTION 725:30-4-16. Report of injury or damage
SECTION 725:30-4-17. Disorderly conduct
SECTION 725:30-4-18. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances
SECTION 725:30-4-19. Gambling
SECTION 725:30-4-20. Soliciting
SECTION 725:30-4-21. Explosives and fireworks
SECTION 725:30-4-22. Special events
SECTION 725:30-4-23. Public assemblies, meetings and distribution of printed material
SECTION 725:30-4-24. Livestock and agriculture
SECTION 725:30-4-25. Memorialization
SECTION 725:30-4-26. Swimming and associated swimming activities
Subchapter 5. Recreation Vehicles and Campsites [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-5-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-5-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-5-3. Policy [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-5-4. Rates [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-5-5. Reservations [revoked]
Subchapter 6. Fees, Discounts and Waivers
SECTION 725:30-6-1. Fee authority, requirements, discounts and waivers
SECTION 725:30-6-2. Camping fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-3. Cabin fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-4. Shelter fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-5. Golf course fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-6. Group camp fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-7. Community building fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-8. Swimming pool and controlled waterfront fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-9. Cave tour fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-10. Forest Heritage Center fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-11. Amphitheater fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-12. Bicycle rental fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-13. Boat and motor rental fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-14. Off-road vehicle fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-15. Storage fees [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-6-16. Sales tax [revoked]
Subchapter 7. Use of Public Facilities [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-2. Applications for use [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-3. Restrictions [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-4. Liability [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-5. Deposit [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-6. Cancellation [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-7. Deposit forfeiture [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-7-8. General [revoked]
Subchapter 8. Camping and Day Use
SECTION 725:30-8-1. Definitions
SECTION 725:30-8-2. Prohibitions
SECTION 725:30-8-3. Fee collection, restrictions and exemptions
SECTION 725:30-8-4. Time limits and extensions
SECTION 725:30-8-5. Day use
SECTION 725:30-8-6. Group camping
Subchapter 9. State Operated Enclosed Fishing Docks [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-9-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-9-2. Policy [revoked]
Subchapter 10. Trails
SECTION 725:30-10-1. Oklahoma Trails System Act
SECTION 725:30-10-2. Prohibitions
Subchapter 11. Rental of Amphitheaters [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-2. Use [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-3. Reservations [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-4. Deposit [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-5. Charges by users [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-6. Sales by users [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-7. Gifts to users [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-8. Noise restrictions [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-11-9. Rates [revoked]
Subchapter 12. Reservations and Use of Cabins, Group Camps, Shelters, Reserved/Assigned Camping Facilities, Amphitheaters, Community Buildings and Meeting Rooms
SECTION 725:30-12-1. Definitions
SECTION 725:30-12-2. Cabins
SECTION 725:30-12-3. Group camps
SECTION 725:30-12-4. Shelters
SECTION 725:30-12-5. Reserved/assigned and group camping
SECTION 725:30-12-6. Amphitheaters, community buildings and meeting rooms
Subchapter 13. Rental Boats/Motors and Berths [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-13-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-13-2. Eligible renters [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-13-3. Other requirements [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-13-4. Rates [revoked]
Subchapter 14. Refunds and Rain Checks [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-14-1. Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-14-2. Refunds for advance deposits for reservations [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-14-3. Refunds for advance payment [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-14-4. Refunds for park gift shops [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-14-5. Rain checks [revoked]
Subchapter 15. Picnic Shelter Reservations [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-15-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-15-2. Requirements [revoked]
Subchapter 16. Permits
SECTION 725:30-16-1. Objective and general requirements
SECTION 725:30-16-2. Prohibitions
Subchapter 18. Special Use Areas
SECTION 725:30-18-1. State Capitol Park [revoked]
SECTION 725:30-18-2. Alabaster Caverns State Park
SECTION 725:30-18-3. McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area - McGee Creek State Park
SECTION 725:30-18-4. Quartz Mountain State Park [revoked]
Subchapter 20. Volunteers
SECTION 725:30-20-1. Definition, purpose and objective
SECTION 725:30-20-2. Application, qualification, selection and restrictions
SECTION 725:30-20-3. Orientation and training
SECTION 725:30-20-4. Supervision and performance evaluation
SECTION 725:30-20-5. Fee waiver
SECTION 725:30-20-6. Injuries and other claims
SECTION 725:30-20-7. Uniforms
SECTION 725:30-20-8. Prohibitions
SECTION 725:30-20-9. Termination of Volunteer Contract
Subchapter 22. Concession Leases and Commercial Use
SECTION 725:30-22-1. Purpose and authority
SECTION 725:30-22-1.1. Examination
SECTION 725:30-22-2. Bidding process
SECTION 725:30-22-3. Evaluation of proposals and award of contracts
SECTION 725:30-22-4. General lease agreement requirements
SECTION 725:30-22-5. Lease agreement modifications
SECTION 725:30-22-6. Commercial use, Concessions and permits
SECTION 725:30-22-7. Capital improvements
SECTION 725:30-22-8. Grievance process
Subchapter 23. Mineral Leases and Operations
SECTION 725:30-23-1. Purpose and authority
SECTION 725:30-23-2. Examination
SECTION 725:30-23-3. Bidding process
SECTION 725:30-23-4. Rules and regulations
SECTION 725:30-23-5. Damages and fees
Subchapter 24. Golf
SECTION 725:30-24-1. Prohibitions
Subchapter 26. Vehicles and Traffic Safety
SECTION 725:30-26-1. Applicability and scope
SECTION 725:30-26-2. State law applicability
SECTION 725:30-26-3. Authorized emergency vehicles
SECTION 725:30-26-4. Reporting motor vehicle accidents
SECTION 725:30-26-5. Park road designation
SECTION 725:30-26-6. Load, weight and size limits
SECTION 725:30-26-7. Traffic control devices
SECTION 725:30-26-8. Obstructing traffic
SECTION 725:30-26-9. Open container of alcoholic beverage
SECTION 725:30-26-10. Right of way
SECTION 725:30-26-11. Speed limits
SECTION 725:30-26-12. Unsafe operation
SECTION 725:30-26-13. Bicycles
SECTION 725:30-26-14. Off-road vehicles
SECTION 725:30-26-15. Use of golf carts and utility vehicles
Subchapter 28. Park Security and Law Enforcement
SECTION 725:30-28-1. Park ranger - powers, authority and appointments
SECTION 725:30-28-2. Primary authority and jurisdiction
SECTION 725:30-28-3. Other agencies having authority - reporting requirements
SECTION 725:30-28-4. Provision of Title 47 - application to park roads
SECTION 725:30-28-5. Park ranger applicants - requirements
Subchapter 29. Lodge Operations
SECTION 725:30-29-1. Purpose
SECTION 725:30-29-2. Definitions
SECTION 725:30-29-3. Use of Public Space
SECTION 725:30-29-4. Accepting reservation requests
SECTION 725:30-29-5. Setting rates for guest rooms, meeting rooms and other public space
SECTION 725:30-29-6. Special rates and promotional discounts
SECTION 725:30-29-7. One-time sales
SECTION 725:30-29-8. Setting price and fees for commodities and services provided by lodges
SECTION 725:30-29-9. Application of prices, charges and fees for commodities and services provided by lodges
SECTION 725:30-29-10. Specials
SECTION 725:30-29-11. Promotional discounts
SECTION 725:30-29-12. Individual credit at state lodges
SECTION 725:30-29-13. Group credit at state lodges
SECTION 725:30-29-14. Confidentiality of guest records
SECTION 725:30-29-15. Guidelines on smoking in state lodges [revoked]
Appendix A. Symbols Used for State Park System Signs


[Authority: 68 O.S., § 2394; 74 O.S., § 2204]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]