Chapter 10. Security for Public Deposits  

SECTION 735:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 735:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 735:10-1-3. State funds to be secured with collateral securities and/or collateral instruments
SECTION 735:10-1-4. Pledge Agreement and Certification of Adoption of [Board of Director's or Loan Committee's] Resolution required to participate in transactions
SECTION 735:10-1-5. Pledge or provision of collateral required to receive State funds on deposit
SECTION 735:10-1-6. Collateral security transactions through the Federal Reserve Bank
SECTION 735:10-1-7. Collateral security through safekeeping banks other than the Federal Reserve Bank
SECTION 735:10-1-8. Safekeeping receipt requirements
SECTION 735:10-1-9. Approved safekeeping banks
SECTION 735:10-1-10. Securities which can be pledged as collateral
SECTION 735:10-1-11. Collateral calls
SECTION 735:10-1-12. Addition and removal of Duly Authorized Bank Officers
SECTION 735:10-1-13. Acceptance of federal agency letters of credit to secure deposits
SECTION 735:10-1-14. Acceptance of surety bonds to secure deposits
SECTION 735:10-1-15. Procedures for providing collateral instruments as security
Appendix A. Pledge Agreement for Funds Held on Deposit
Appendix B. Certification of Adoption of Resolution
Appendix C. Collateral Securities Pledge Form – State
Appendix D. Certification of Removal and/or Appointment of Duly Authorized Bank Officers
Appendix E. Collateral Instruments Pledge Form – State


[Authority: 62 O.S., §§ 71 and 72.1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-25-96]