TITLE 75. Attorney General  

Chapter 1. Administration
Chapter 10. Telemarketer Restriction Act Consumer Registry
Chapter 15. Standards and Criteria for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs
Chapter 20. Address Confidentiality Program
Chapter 25. Standards and Criteria for Batterers Intervention Programs
Chapter 30. Standards and Criteria for Adult Victims of Human Sex Trafficking Programs
Chapter 35. Oklahoma Witness Protection Program


Editor's Note: "[A]ll functions, duties, contracts and responsibilities of the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission" were assumed by the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement upon its creation within the Office of the Attorney General on 7-1-12 [SB 763 (2011)]. For rules of the Human Rights Commission that were effective prior to 7-1-12, see OAC 335 in the 2011 Edition of the OAC.