Chapter 15. Medical Information

Subchapter 1. Release of Medical Record Information
SECTION 752:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 752:15-1-3. Maintenance of records; employee responsibilities
SECTION 752:15-1-4. Evaluation of authorization
SECTION 752:15-1-5. Review of medical records by non-employees
SECTION 752:15-1-6. Review by medical records requestors
SECTION 752:15-1-7. Requests for specific reports and other information
Subchapter 3. Release of Information for News Media
SECTION 752:15-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-3-2. Coordination of news/news media
SECTION 752:15-3-3. Facilitation of media access
SECTION 752:15-3-4. Release of information
Subchapter 5. Release of Confidential Computerized Patient Information
SECTION 752:15-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-5-2. Computer access
SECTION 752:15-5-3. Information available
SECTION 752:15-5-4. Persons authorized to receive specific information
SECTION 752:15-5-5. Methods for receiving information
Subchapter 7. Confidentiality - Patient Accounting
SECTION 752:15-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-7-2. General policy
SECTION 752:15-7-3. Requests for billing and/or medical information
Subchapter 9. Confidentiality - Nursing Departments
SECTION 752:15-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-9-2. Record requests made to nursing departments
SECTION 752:15-9-3. Care of patient records and media requests about patient condition
SECTION 752:15-9-4. Other issues concerning patient confidentiality
Subchapter 11. Confidentiality - Admitting and Registration
SECTION 752:15-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-11-2. Protecting confidentiality of records
SECTION 752:15-11-3. Requests for patient information
Subchapter 13. Patients' Rights and Responsibilities
SECTION 752:15-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 752:15-13-2. General policy
SECTION 752:15-13-3. Specific patient rights, responsibilities and rights statement


[Authority: 63 O.S.Supp.1993, § 3208(B)(1)]
[Source: Codified 7-25-94]