Chapter 1. Administration  

Subchapter 1. General Information
SECTION 75:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 75:1-1-1.1. Definitions
SECTION 75:1-1-2. Applicability
SECTION 75:1-1-3. Compliance with laws and rules
SECTION 75:1-1-4. Organization
SECTION 75:1-1-5. Objectives
SECTION 75:1-1-6. Public records
SECTION 75:1-1-7. Requests for agency public information
SECTION 75:1-1-8. Forms
SECTION 75:1-1-9. Procedures to secure a declaratory ruling as to the applicability of any rule or order of the Office of the Attorney General
SECTION 75:1-1-10. Procedures to petition the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advisory Council to request the promulgation, amendment or repeal of a rule
Subchapter 3. Contracts for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
Subchapter 5. Procedure in Individual Administrative Proceedings
SECTION 75:1-5-1. Individual proceedings
SECTION 75:1-5-2. Persons affected by individual actions
SECTION 75:1-5-3. Types of sanctions
SECTION 75:1-5-4. 1 Petition and notice in individual proceedings
SECTION 75:1-5-5. 1 Service of petition and notice
SECTION 75:1-5-5.1. Emergency actions
SECTION 75:1-5-5.2. Procedures in individual proceedings generally
SECTION 75:1-5-5.3. Prehearing conference
SECTION 75:1-5-5.4. Continuances
SECTION 75:1-5-5.5. Discovery
SECTION 75:1-5-6. Protective orders
SECTION 75:1-5-7. Subpoenas
SECTION 75:1-5-8. Conduct and record of hearing
SECTION 75:1-5-9. Hearing officers
SECTION 75:1-5-10. Order of hearing
SECTION 75:1-5-11. Order
SECTION 75:1-5-12. Settlement
Subchapter 7. Certification and Designation of Domestic Violence Programs, Sexual Assault Programs, Including Programs Serving Adult Victims of Sex Trafficking, and Batterers Intervention Programs
SECTION 75:1-7-1. Applicability of certification
SECTION 75:1-7-2. Purpose of certification
SECTION 75:1-7-3. Reviewing authority
SECTION 75:1-7-4. Certification of facilities and programs and individuals
SECTION 75:1-7-5. Procedures for application for certification
SECTION 75:1-7-6. Procedures for completion of certification process
SECTION 75:1-7-7. Duration of certification status
SECTION 75:1-7-8. Site reviews
SECTION 75:1-7-9. Basis for a decision to issue administrative sanction of suspension, or revocation
SECTION 75:1-7-10. Contingency for non-action by the Attorney General
SECTION 75:1-7-11. Reapplication following denial, suspension, revocation or denial of certification


[Authority: 74 O.S., Sections 18p-1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 7-1-06]