Chapter 30. Standards and Criteria for Adult Victims of Human Sex Trafficking Programs  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 75:30-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 75:30-1-1.1. Mission and underlying philosophy
SECTION 75:30-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 75:30-1-3. Meaning of verbs in rules
SECTION 75:30-1-4. Annual review of standards and criteria
Subchapter 3. Sexual Assault Programs for Adult Victims/ Survivors of Sexual Violence as a Result of Human Sex Trafficking
SECTION 75:30-3-1. Service programs core services
SECTION 75:30-3-1.1. Crisis intervention services
SECTION 75:30-3-1.2. Court advocacy services
SECTION 75:30-3-2. Shelter program
SECTION 75:30-3-3. Safe Home for adult victims of sex trafficking [revoked]
SECTION 75:30-3-4. Transitional living program
SECTION 75:30-3-5. Children's services
Subchapter 5. Client Records and Confidentiality
SECTION 75:30-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 75:30-5-2. Client records
SECTION 75:30-5-3. Record content - general
SECTION 75:30-5-3.1. Record content - service specific
SECTION 75:30-5-4. Client confidentiality
SECTION 75:30-5-4.1. Waiver of Confidential Information
SECTION 75:30-5-5. Physical safety and integrity of client records
SECTION 75:30-5-6. Client record, handling, retention, and disposal
SECTION 75:30-5-7. Shelter Policy on Medications
Subchapter 7. Physical Environments
SECTION 75:30-7-1. Physical plant, primary role
SECTION 75:30-7-2. Fire and safety codes and inspections
SECTION 75:30-7-3. Firefighting and first aid equipment
SECTION 75:30-7-4. Disaster procedures
SECTION 75:30-7-5. Persons with special needs
SECTION 75:30-7-6. Program environment
SECTION 75:30-7-7. Program environment, shelter services programs
SECTION 75:30-7-8. Program environment, Safe Home services program [revoked]
SECTION 75:30-7-9. Program environment, transitional living services program
Subchapter 9. Program Management and Performance Improvement
SECTION 75:30-9-1. Admission criteria
SECTION 75:30-9-2. Program management, policies and procedures
SECTION 75:30-9-3. Program mission and goals
SECTION 75:30-9-4. Annual program evaluation
SECTION 75:30-9-5. Critical incidents
Subchapter 11. Personnel and Volunteers
Subchapter 13. Governing Authority
SECTION 75:30-13-1. Governing authority
SECTION 75:30-13-2. Duties of the governing authority
SECTION 75:30-13-3. Governing authority, meeting minutes
SECTION 75:30-13-4. Governing authority, orientation
Subchapter 15. Client Rights, for Adult Victims of Human Sex Trafficking Programs
SECTION 75:30-15-1. Applicability
SECTION 75:30-15-2. Client rights
SECTION 75:30-15-3. Client grievance policy and procedures


[Authority: 74 O.S., § 18p-6]
[Source: Codified 7-11-11]