Chapter 10. Licensure of Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Animal Euthanasia Technicians  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 775:10-1-1. Purpose
Subchapter 3. Licensure of Veterinarians
SECTION 775:10-3-1. Application for licensure
SECTION 775:10-3-2. Minimum educational requirements
SECTION 775:10-3-3. Examination criteria
SECTION 775:10-3-4. Granting of license
SECTION 775:10-3-5. Continuing education for renewal of license
SECTION 775:10-3-6. Continuation of license until final determination
SECTION 775:10-3-7. Continuing education for reinstatement of license
SECTION 775:10-3-8. Faculty licensure
SECTION 775:10-3-8.1. Requirements for obtaining faculty licensure
SECTION 775:10-3-8.2. [Reserved]
SECTION 775:10-3-8.3. Provisional License
SECTION 775:10-3-9. Certificate holders
SECTION 775:10-3-10. Notification of adverse action on license [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-3-10.1. Temporary licensure during a declared emergency
SECTION 775:10-3-11. Emergency suspension [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-3-12. Fees
SECTION 775:10-3-13. Requirements for obtaining faculty licensure [revoked]
Subchapter 4. Veterinarian Emeritus
SECTION 775:10-4-1. Veterinarian Emeritus application and issuance
SECTION 775:10-4-2. Restrictions on activities
SECTION 775:10-4-3. Return to active practice from emeritus status
Subchapter 5. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 775:10-5-1. Conflicting interest [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-2. Corrupt or dishonest conduct [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-3. Employment [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-4. Disloyalty to the law [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-5. Corruption of any person [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-6. Professional services [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-7. Posted Oklahoma license [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-8. Degree of care, skill and diligence [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-9. Aiding the practice by an unlicensed person [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-10. Unlicensed person [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-11. Certificate of health [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-12. Guarantee a cure [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-13. Professional standards of humane treatment and care [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-14. Honesty, integrity and fair dealing [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-15. Confidential relations [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-16. Referral fee [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-17. Advertising [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-18. Professional advantage [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-19. Sanitation [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-20. Records of drugs [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-21. Formation of partnerships [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-22. Accepting employment for sale of professional services [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-23. Writing testimonials and reports [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-24. Modification of accreditation [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-25. Scheduled drugs for training or racing purposes [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-26. Disciplinary action
SECTION 775:10-5-27. Retired veterinarians [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-28. Continued competence [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-5-30. Unprofessional conduct
Subchapter 7. Certification of Veterinary Technicians
SECTION 775:10-7-1. Application for certification form; time for filing; fee
SECTION 775:10-7-2. Certification by examination
SECTION 775:10-7-3. Issuance of certificate; notification
SECTION 775:10-7-4. Current certification
SECTION 775:10-7-5. Inactive certification [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-7-6. Qualifications for reinstatement of lapsed certificate
SECTION 775:10-7-7. Approval of veterinary technology programs
SECTION 775:10-7-8. Complaint against the veterinary technician
SECTION 775:10-7-9. Supervision of a veterinary technician
SECTION 775:10-7-9.1. Duties Performed Without Direct Supervision
SECTION 775:10-7-10. Denial, suspension or revocation of a veterinary technician certificate
Subchapter 8. Certification of Euthanasia Technicians
SECTION 775:10-8-1. Purpose
SECTION 775:10-8-2. Definitions
SECTION 775:10-8-3. Application for certification form; time for filing
SECTION 775:10-8-4. Employment requirements for certification
SECTION 775:10-8-5. Examination for certification
SECTION 775:10-8-6. Issuance of a certificate; Renewal of certificate; Reinstatement of certificate; Fees of the Board
SECTION 775:10-8-7. Continuing education hours required for renewal of certificate
SECTION 775:10-8-8. Continuing education required for reinstatement of certificate
SECTION 775:10-8-9. Continuation of certificate until final determination
SECTION 775:10-8-10. Duties of Animal Euthanasia Technicians
SECTION 775:10-8-11. Duties of an Animal Euthanasia Technician upon cessation of qualified employment
SECTION 775:10-8-12. Registration of Animal Euthanasia Technicians to purchase and possess controlled dangerous substances
SECTION 775:10-8-13. Authority of animal euthanasia technicians to purchase, possess and administer controlled substances; limitations on authority
SECTION 775:10-8-14. Storage and security of controlled dangerous substances, certificates of registration and drug order forms
SECTION 775:10-8-15. Maintenance of records and inventories of controlled dangerous substances
SECTION 775:10-8-16. Standards for euthanasia of animals in the custody of a law enforcement agency, animal control agency or animal shelter.
SECTION 775:10-8-17. Standards for injection of animals.
SECTION 775:10-8-18. Euthanasia by injection of controlled dangerous substances; verification of death
SECTION 775:10-8-19. Euthanasia by oral administration of denatured sodium pentobarbital; verification of death
SECTION 775:10-8-20. Area used for animal euthanasia; recommended equipment and supplies
SECTION 775:10-8-21. Complaints against an Animal Euthanasia Technician
SECTION 775:10-8-22. Denial, suspension or revocation of an animal euthanasia technician certificate
SECTION 775:10-8-23. Emergency temporary suspension of a certificate
SECTION 775:10-8-24. Recognition and approval by the Board
SECTION 775:10-8-25. Notice of termination of employment of a certified Animal Euthanasia Technician
SECTION 775:10-8-26. Inspection
SECTION 775:10-8-27. Inspection; Failure to correct deficiency
SECTION 775:10-8-28. Complaints
SECTION 775:10-8-29. Denial, suspension or revocation of Board recognition
SECTION 775:10-8-30. Emergency temporary suspension of Board recognition and approval
SECTION 775:10-8-31. Persons reporting information or investigating; liability
SECTION 775:10-8-32. Required curriculum of training courses for Animal Euthanasia Technicians [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-8-33. Approval of training courses for Animal Euthanasia Technicians offered by others [revoked]
SECTION 775:10-8-34. Committee on Animal Euthanasia Technicians; Creation; Membership; Duties [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Animal Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment
SECTION 775:10-9-1. [Reserved]
SECTION 775:10-9-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 775:10-9-3. Certification for a veterinarian in animal chiropractic diagnosis and treatment
SECTION 775:10-9-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 775:10-9-5. Continuing education hours
Subchapter 10. Complementary and Alternative Therapy
SECTION 775:10-10-1. Definition of Complementary and Alternative Therapy
SECTION 775:10-10-10. Requirements prior to providing animal massage services
Subchapter 11. Animal Husbandry [Expired]
SECTION 775:10-11-1. Definition of Animal husbandry [Expired]
Subchapter 12. Equine Teeth Floating [Expired]
SECTION 775:10-12-1. Application for certification [Expired]
SECTION 775:10-12-2. Issuance of a certificate; renewal of certificate (voluntary); continuing education requirements [Expired]
SECTION 775:10-12-3. Maintenance of records and administration of drugs [Expired]


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 698.7(9), (11), (18), and (22)]
[Source: Codified 12-2-91]