Chapter 10. Administration and Supervision  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 780:10-1-1. Purpose
Subchapter 3. State Technical Assistance, Supervision, and Services
SECTION 780:10-3-1. Technical assistance and supervision
SECTION 780:10-3-2. Career guidance and counseling, career information, disability services, integrated academics, innovation support services, essential skills and career development
SECTION 780:10-3-3. Instructional materials development and dissemination
SECTION 780:10-3-4. Information Commons [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-5. Instructional services [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-6. Human resource development [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-7. Research [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-8. Planning [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-9. Information services
SECTION 780:10-3-10. Communications and Marketing
SECTION 780:10-3-11. Career Resource Network (CRN) [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-12. Systems design and computer services [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-3-13. Instructional services
Subchapter 5. Finance
SECTION 780:10-5-1. Accounting
SECTION 780:10-5-2. Audits
SECTION 780:10-5-3. Budgeting
SECTION 780:10-5-4. Instructional funding
SECTION 780:10-5-5. Records
SECTION 780:10-5-6. Reporting
SECTION 780:10-5-7. Purchasing
Subchapter 7. Local Programs, or Instructional Positions: Application; Student Accounting; Evaluation
SECTION 780:10-7-1. Application; approval; contract for programs
SECTION 780:10-7-2. Student accounting system
SECTION 780:10-7-3.1. Pilot standards; accreditation; evaluation [revoked]
SECTION 780:10-7-3. Institutional Standards; accreditation; review
SECTION 780:10-7-3.2. Program standards; accreditation; review
Subchapter 9. Service Contracts and Equipment Guidelines
SECTION 780:10-9-1. Contracted services, boards, and commissions
SECTION 780:10-9-2. Equipment


[Authority: [70 O.S., § 14-104]]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]