Chapter 1. Organization and Procedure of Oklahoma Water Resources Board  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:1-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 785:1-1-3. Use of words, terms and phrases
Subchapter 3. Organization, Meetings and Comprehensive Water Plan
SECTION 785:1-3-1. Origin, composition and operations of the Board
SECTION 785:1-3-2. Purpose of the Board
SECTION 785:1-3-3. Offices of the Board
SECTION 785:1-3-4. Seal of the Board
SECTION 785:1-3-5. Meetings of the Board
SECTION 785:1-3-6. Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan
Subchapter 5. Rules
SECTION 785:1-5-1. Purpose and use of rules
SECTION 785:1-5-2. Rules cumulative
SECTION 785:1-5-3. Amending of rules or Standards by Board
SECTION 785:1-5-4. Petition requesting promulgation, amendment or repeal of a rule or Standard by others
SECTION 785:1-5-5. Petition for declaratory rulings
SECTION 785:1-5-6. Requirements for declaratory ruling petitions
Subchapter 7. Board Records
SECTION 785:1-7-1. Records shall be public
SECTION 785:1-7-2. Copies and certification of Board records
Subchapter 9. Time Periods for Permit and License Issuance and Denial
SECTION 785:1-9-1. Time period for permit and license issuance or denial
SECTION 785:1-9-2. Permit and license applications subject to rule
SECTION 785:1-9-3. Extension of time period allowed, written reasons
SECTION 785:1-9-4. Resolve individual proceeding in accordance with rules and statutes
Subchapter 11. Complaints and Complaint Resolution
SECTION 785:1-11-1. Complaint evaluation and resolution procedures
Subchapter 13. Drought Responses
SECTION 785:1-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:1-13-2. Responses to drought
SECTION 785:1-13-3. Authority of Drought Committee in drought conditions


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[Source: Codified 12-31-91]