Chapter 20. Appropriation and Use of Stream Water  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:20-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:20-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 785:20-1-3. Statutory provisions on violations and penalties
SECTION 785:20-1-4. Statutory provisions on ownership and use of water
SECTION 785:20-1-5. Purposes for a water appropriation
SECTION 785:20-1-6. Who should file an application
SECTION 785:20-1-7. Forms to be furnished by the Board [revoked]
SECTION 785:20-1-8. Rejection of application where water has been withdrawn by the United States
SECTION 785:20-1-9. Use of water from a reservoir
SECTION 785:20-1-10. Wastewater released to definite stream
SECTION 785:20-1-11. Vested rights subject to administrative regulation
SECTION 785:20-1-12. Fees
Subchapter 3. Application Requirements and Processing
SECTION 785:20-3-1. Preparation of application
SECTION 785:20-3-2. General application requirements
SECTION 785:20-3-3. Place of use and irrigation use application requirements [revoked]
SECTION 785:20-3-4. Enhanced oil recovery use application requirements
SECTION 785:20-3-5. Content requirements of plats and maps [revoked]
SECTION 785:20-3-6. Filing fee required [revoked]
SECTION 785:20-3-7. Priority of application
SECTION 785:20-3-8. Revisions and corrections to applications
SECTION 785:20-3-9. Defective applications; when applications deemed withdrawn
SECTION 785:20-3-10. Telecopier submittals
Subchapter 5. Notice, Hearings and Board Actions
SECTION 785:20-5-1. Notice of application
SECTION 785:20-5-2. Affidavit of notice publication [revoked]
SECTION 785:20-5-3. Protests and hearings
SECTION 785:20-5-4. Board determination and approval of application
SECTION 785:20-5-5. Factors relating to statutory elements for application approval
SECTION 785:20-5-6. Approval of application for out-of-stream system use
SECTION 785:20-5-7. Denial of permit and amended application
SECTION 785:20-5-8. Notice of Board decision
SECTION 785:20-5-9. Issuance of permit
Subchapter 7. Permits
SECTION 785:20-7-1. Classes of stream water permits
SECTION 785:20-7-2. Contents of regular permits
SECTION 785:20-7-3. Contents of seasonal, temporary, term or provisional temporary permits
SECTION 785:20-7-3.1. Contents of permits to divert water from Barren Fork Creek
SECTION 785:20-7-4. Additional provisions of seasonal, temporary, or term permits for impounded water
SECTION 785:20-7-5. Permits issued from federal projects requiring a repayment contract
SECTION 785:20-7-6. Acceptance of permit by applicant
Subchapter 9. Actions After Stream Water Right Obtained
SECTION 785:20-9-1. Construction of works
SECTION 785:20-9-2. Time for putting water to beneficial use
SECTION 785:20-9-3. Loss of rights and reversion of water to public
SECTION 785:20-9-4. Amendments of stream water rights
SECTION 785:20-9-5. Reports
Subchapter 11. Miscellaneous Provisions
SECTION 785:20-11-1. Multiple ownership of reservoir sites
SECTION 785:20-11-2. Reclaiming water turned into a watercourse
SECTION 785:20-11-3. Right of eminent domain
SECTION 785:20-11-4. Surplus water
SECTION 785:20-11-5. Impairment of water rights
SECTION 785:20-11-6. Measurement of water
SECTION 785:20-11-7. Water supply contracts from federal projects
SECTION 785:20-11-8. Release of easement or easement deed
SECTION 785:20-11-9. Impoundment of water in mine pits.
Appendix A. Application for a Permit to Use Surface or Stream Water


[Authority: 82 O.S., §§ 105.1 et seq., and 1085.2]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]