Chapter 25. Dams and Reservoirs  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 785:25-1-3. Violations and penalties
SECTION 785:25-1-4. Variances and waivers
Subchapter 3. Responsibility, Classification and Design Standards
SECTION 785:25-3-1. Dams subject to Board's jurisdiction
SECTION 785:25-3-2. Owner's responsibility
SECTION 785:25-3-3. Classification of size and hazard potential
SECTION 785:25-3-4. Dams considered unsafe and menace to life and property
SECTION 785:25-3-5. Minimum design standards (other than spillway)
SECTION 785:25-3-6. Minimum spillways performance standards
SECTION 785:25-3-7. Minimum outlet conduit capacities
SECTION 785:25-3-8. Measuring devices
SECTION 785:25-3-9. Prohibited construction
SECTION 785:25-3-10. Prohibited vegetation and erosion
SECTION 785:25-3-11. Minimum safety factors
Subchapter 5. Applications and Approval of Construction
SECTION 785:25-5-1. Application and fee required
SECTION 785:25-5-2. Plans to be prepared by registered professional engineer
SECTION 785:25-5-3. Content of plans and specifications
SECTION 785:25-5-4. Additional report information
SECTION 785:25-5-5. Notice of application
SECTION 785:25-5-6. Affidavit of notice publication and mailing
SECTION 785:25-5-7. Public comment
SECTION 785:25-5-8. Approval or denial of application
Subchapter 7. Post Approval Actions
SECTION 785:25-7-1. Inspection during construction
SECTION 785:25-7-2. Inspection fee
SECTION 785:25-7-3. Deficiencies during and after construction
SECTION 785:25-7-4. Supervision of construction by owner
SECTION 785:25-7-5. Changes to plans and specifications after approval
SECTION 785:25-7-6. Notice of completion and filing of supplementary drawings or descriptive matter
SECTION 785:25-7-7. Emergency action plans
SECTION 785:25-7-8. Certificate of completion
Subchapter 9. Actions After Construction
SECTION 785:25-9-1. Inspections of dams
SECTION 785:25-9-2. Records and reports of owner
SECTION 785:25-9-3. Correction of deficiencies (not creating imminent peril)
SECTION 785:25-9-4. Notice and action [revoked]
SECTION 785:25-9-5. Correction of deficiencies creating imminent peril
SECTION 785:25-9-6. Request for inspection of dams by other parties
SECTION 785:25-9-7. Recovery of costs and expenses
SECTION 785:25-9-8. Emergency repairs
SECTION 785:25-9-9. Breach analysis for existing dams
SECTION 785:25-9-10. Reclassification of the hazard-potential class of a dam
SECTION 785:25-9-11. Upgrading dams due to downstream development
Subchapter 11. Administrative Penalties and Procedures
SECTION 785:25-11-1. Applicability and authority
SECTION 785:25-11-2. Notice of violation and proposed assessment
SECTION 785:25-11-3. Determining amount of penalty
SECTION 785:25-11-4. Procedures for penalty assessment
Appendix A. Jurisdiction of Board by Size and Hazard Classification


[Authority: 82 O.S., §§ 105.25 through 105.27, 110.1 through 110.12, and 1085.2]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]