Chapter 30. Taking and Use of Groundwater  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:30-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:30-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 785:30-1-3. Violations and prohibitions
SECTION 785:30-1-4. Requirement for water right
SECTION 785:30-1-5. Fees
SECTION 785:30-1-6. Policy and applicability to prior rights
Subchapter 3. Permit Application Requirements and Processing
SECTION 785:30-3-1. General application requirements
SECTION 785:30-3-2. Additional application requirements for enhanced recovery of oil and gas
SECTION 785:30-3-3. Acceptance of application for filing; when applications deemed withdrawn
SECTION 785:30-3-4. Notice of application
SECTION 785:30-3-5. Approval of application
SECTION 785:30-3-5.1. Prohibition to issuance or amendment of permit and waiver [revoked]
SECTION 785:30-3-6. Well spacing
Subchapter 5. Groundwater Permits
SECTION 785:30-5-1. Regular permit
SECTION 785:30-5-2. Temporary permits
SECTION 785:30-5-3. Special permits
SECTION 785:30-5-4. Provisional temporary permits
SECTION 785:30-5-4.1. Limited quantity permits
SECTION 785:30-5-5. Contents of permits
SECTION 785:30-5-6. Acceptance of permit by permittee
SECTION 785:30-5-7. Cancellation or suspension of permits
SECTION 785:30-5-8. Voluntary surrender of permits
SECTION 785:30-5-9. Annual reports of water use
Subchapter 7. Amendments to Groundwater Rights
SECTION 785:30-7-1. Adding or changing uses, or increasing the amount of water allocated to a permit
SECTION 785:30-7-2. Adding or changing location of use
SECTION 785:30-7-3. Change of well location [revoked]
SECTION 785:30-7-4. Adding or replacing a well for the purpose of exercising prior rights or existing permits
SECTION 785:30-7-5. Dedicating additional land and groundwater to an existing permit
SECTION 785:30-7-6. Change of address
SECTION 785:30-7-7. Transfer of groundwater rights
SECTION 785:30-7-8. Consolidation of permits
SECTION 785:30-7-9. Change of basin or subbasin for proposed or existing well(s)
Subchapter 9. Maximum Annual Yield Determinations
SECTION 785:30-9-1. Hydrologic surveys and investigations
SECTION 785:30-9-2. Determination of maximum annual yield
SECTION 785:30-9-3. Annual yield hearings
SECTION 785:30-9-4. Final determination as to the maximum annual yield to be allocated
SECTION 785:30-9-5. Updating hydrologic surveys
SECTION 785:30-9-6. Issuance of regular permit to temporary permit holder
Subchapter 11. Administrative Determination of Prior Rights to Groundwater
SECTION 785:30-11-1. General provisions relating to prior rights
SECTION 785:30-11-2. Procedure for determining prior rights to groundwater
SECTION 785:30-11-3. Actions after prior rights are determined
Subchapter 13. Miscellaneous Provisions
SECTION 785:30-13-1. Domestic use of groundwater
SECTION 785:30-13-2. Taking, using, or disposal of salt water and water trapped in producing mines
SECTION 785:30-13-3. Metering of wells
SECTION 785:30-13-4. Unitizing and communitizing of land for water production purposes
SECTION 785:30-13-5. Allocation of municipal water
SECTION 785:30-13-6. Drilling of wells within municipalities
SECTION 785:30-13-7. Dewatering a portion of a groundwater basin or subbasin for purposes of construction.
SECTION 785:30-13-8. Artificial recharge requirements
SECTION 785:30-13-9. Reclaiming and cleaning up groundwater
Subchapter 15. Water Trapped in Producing Mines
Appendix A. Application for a Permit to Use Groundwater [revoked]
Appendix B. Water Protection Plan for Submittal with Applications for a Permit to Use Groundwater [revoked]
Appendix C. Guidelines to Estimate Consumptive Use of Pit Water
Appendix D. Identified Springs that Emanate From a Sensitive Sole Source Groundwater Basin


[Authority: 82 O.S., §§ 1020.1 et seq., and 1085.2]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]