Chapter 4. Rules of Practice and Hearings  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:4-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 785:4-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Board Hearings
SECTION 785:4-3-1. Conducting hearings
SECTION 785:4-3-2. Laws governing hearings
SECTION 785:4-3-3. Types of hearings
SECTION 785:4-3-4. Hearing Examiners
SECTION 785:4-3-5. Location of hearings
SECTION 785:4-3-6. Record of hearings
Subchapter 5. Pre-Hearing Actions and Proceedings
SECTION 785:4-5-1. Pre-hearing discovery
SECTION 785:4-5-1.1. Mediation
SECTION 785:4-5-2. Pre-hearing conferences
SECTION 785:4-5-3. Witnesses and subpoenas
SECTION 785:4-5-4. Application protests; comments and objections
SECTION 785:4-5-5. Pre-hearing continuances, informal disposition by stipulation, agreed settlement or consent order
SECTION 785:4-5-6. Electronic mail notice
SECTION 785:4-5-7. Copies of motions, requests and orders
Subchapter 7. Conduct of Hearings
SECTION 785:4-7-1. Opening of hearings and general supervision of hearings
SECTION 785:4-7-2. Proper notice
SECTION 785:4-7-3. Appearances
SECTION 785:4-7-4. Presentation of evidence and examination of witnesses
SECTION 785:4-7-5. Evidence
SECTION 785:4-7-6. Waiving necessity of oral testimony
SECTION 785:4-7-7. Evidence by reference and official notice
SECTION 785:4-7-8. Evidentiary objections and exceptions
SECTION 785:4-7-9. Hearing continuances, adjournments and leaving the record open
SECTION 785:4-7-10. Proposed order of parties
SECTION 785:4-7-11. Closing the record and submission of cause for ruling
Subchapter 9. Post-Hearing Actions and Proceedings
SECTION 785:4-9-1. Hearing Examiner's proposed order and exceptions
SECTION 785:4-9-2. Board consideration and action
SECTION 785:4-9-3. Reconsideration and appeals
Subchapter 11. Mediation Procedures
SECTION 785:4-11-1. Mediation


[Authority: 75 O.S., §§ 307, and 309 et seq.; 82 O.S., §§ 1085.2 and 1085.10]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]