Chapter 55. Development on State Owned or Operated Property Within Floodplains and Floodplain Administrator Accreditation

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 785:55-1-1. Authority and purpose
SECTION 785:55-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 785:55-1-3. Administrative provisions
SECTION 785:55-1-4. Permits
Subchapter 3. Development on State Owned or Operated Property Within the Floodplains
SECTION 785:55-3-1. Development without base flood elevations determined or regulatory floodways delineated
SECTION 785:55-3-2. Development in the regulatory floodplain with base flood elevations determined
SECTION 785:55-3-3. Development in delineated regulatory floodways
SECTION 785:55-3-4. General requirements for development in any regulatory floodplain
Subchapter 5. Variances and Exemptions on State Owned or Operated Property Within the Floodplains
SECTION 785:55-5-1. Variances
SECTION 785:55-5-2. Exemptions
Subchapter 7. Floodplain Administrator Accreditation Program
SECTION 785:55-7-1. Authority and purpose
SECTION 785:55-7-2. Subchapter definitions
SECTION 785:55-7-3. Designation of floodplain administrator
SECTION 785:55-7-4. Accreditation required
SECTION 785:55-7-5. Temporary accreditation period; first full accreditation period [revoked]
SECTION 785:55-7-6. Vacancies and replacement of floodplain administrators; notice to Board
SECTION 785:55-7-7. Accreditation application
SECTION 785:55-7-8. Initial accreditation requirements and standards
SECTION 785:55-7-9. Expiration of accreditation and renewal of accreditation
SECTION 785:55-7-10. Continuing education requirement


[Authority: 82 O.S., §§ 1085.2 and 1601 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]