Chapter 1. Operations and Procedures  

Subchapter 1. Purpose and Definitions
SECTION 800:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Function, Organization, Powers and Duties
SECTION 800:1-3-1. Statutory citations
SECTION 800:1-3-2. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-3-3. Function, organization, powers and duties
Subchapter 5. General Course and Method of Operation
SECTION 800:1-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-5-2. General course and method of operation
SECTION 800:1-5-3. Reproduction of records and copies
SECTION 800:1-5-4. Other types of public meetings and hearings
Subchapter 7. Policies and Procedures for Rulemaking
SECTION 800:1-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-7-2. Policies and procedures for rulemaking
SECTION 800:1-7-3. Department procedures and assistance in rulemaking
Subchapter 9. Rules and Practice for Individual Proceedings
SECTION 800:1-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-9-2. Rules and practice for individual proceedings
SECTION 800:1-9-3. Petitions for declaratory rulings
SECTION 800:1-9-4. Individual proceedings in general
SECTION 800:1-9-5. Administrative Law Judges and Clerks
SECTION 800:1-9-6. Administrative hearings
SECTION 800:1-9-7. Prehearing procedures and orders
SECTION 800:1-9-8. Subpoenas
SECTION 800:1-9-9. Record
SECTION 800:1-9-10. Motions
SECTION 800:1-9-11. Default
SECTION 800:1-9-12. Settlement
SECTION 800:1-9-13. Proposed orders
SECTION 800:1-9-14. Final orders
SECTION 800:1-9-15. Reconsideration
SECTION 800:1-9-16. Judicial review
Subchapter 10. Citizen Complaints of Employee Actions
SECTION 800:1-10-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-10-2. Receipt of complaints
SECTION 800:1-10-3. Investigation of complaints
SECTION 800:1-10-4. Disposition of complaints
SECTION 800:1-10-5. Review of complaint disposition
SECTION 800:1-10-6. Withdrawal of complaints
SECTION 800:1-10-7. Duties of investigators and Division Chiefs in regard to complaints
Subchapter 11. Publications
SECTION 800:1-11-1. Charges for workshops, publications and other material
SECTION 800:1-11-2. Sale of advertising
Subchapter 13. Hunting and Fishing License Dealers
SECTION 800:1-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 800:1-13-2. License dealer bonding requirements
SECTION 800:1-13-3. Dealer operating provisions
SECTION 800:1-13-4. Termination of license dealership
SECTION 800:1-13-5. Penalties
SECTION 800:1-13-6. Opportunity for hearing
SECTION 800:1-13-7. Hearing procedures
SECTION 800:1-13-8. Telephone license dealers
SECTION 800:1-13-9. License refunds
SECTION 800:1-13-11. Wildlife Land Stamp, also known as Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit
SECTION 800:1-13-13. Internet Point of Sale License System
Subchapter 15. Hunter Education Rules
SECTION 800:1-15-1. General requirements
SECTION 800:1-15-2. Hunter education certification requirements
SECTION 800:1-15-3. Instructors
SECTION 800:1-15-4. Administrative requirements
SECTION 800:1-15-5. Revocation of Hunter Education Certification
Subchapter 17. Records and Costs
SECTION 800:1-17-1. Copy costs and certified copies
SECTION 800:1-17-2. Waiver of cost charges
SECTION 800:1-17-3. Fees required for special documents, preparation of materials and miscellaneous costs
Subchapter 19. Aquatic Education Rules
SECTION 800:1-19-1. Instructors
SECTION 800:1-19-2. Administrative requirements
Appendix A. Petition for Rulemaking Before the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission
Appendix B. Individual Proceeding Before the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation


[Authority: 29 O.S., §§ 3-103 and 5-401; OKLA. CONST. art XXVI, §§ 1 and 3]
[Source: Codified 6-1-92]