Chapter 25. Workers' Compensation Insurance and Self Insurance

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 810:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 810:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 810:25-1-3. Proceedings related to permit actions
Subchapter 3. Proof of Coverage
SECTION 810:25-3-1. Proof of coverage requirements
Subchapter 5. Documentation of Exempt Status
SECTION 810:25-5-1. Affidavit of exempt status requirements
SECTION 810:25-5-2. Revocation of certificate of noncoverage
SECTION 810:25-5-3. Affidavit of exempt status renewal process
Subchapter 7. Enforcement of Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements
SECTION 810:25-7-1. Proof of insurance
SECTION 810:25-7-2. Hearing process and consent agreements
SECTION 810:25-7-3. Interference of duty
SECTION 810:25-7-4. Injunctive relief against a noncompliant employer
Subchapter 9. Individual Own Risk Employer Permit
SECTION 810:25-9-1. Application for Individual Own Risk Employer Permit
SECTION 810:25-9-2. Minimum eligibility requirements
SECTION 810:25-9-3. Financial information review
SECTION 810:25-9-4. Security deposit
SECTION 810:25-9-5. Renewals
SECTION 810:25-9-6. Effectiveness of previously authorized permits, security deposits and guaranties
SECTION 810:25-9-7. Claims administration
SECTION 810:25-9-8. Excess insurance
SECTION 810:25-9-9. Additional named insureds
SECTION 810:25-9-10. Own risk guaranty
SECTION 810:25-9-11. Governmental entities
SECTION 810:25-9-12. Interim monitoring
SECTION 810:25-9-13. Notification of changed status
SECTION 810:25-9-14. Revocation of permit
SECTION 810:25-9-15. Assessments
SECTION 810:25-9-16. Medicare reporting
SECTION 810:25-9-17. Designation of service agent
SECTION 810:25-9-18. Former own risk employers; continuing requirements
SECTION 810:25-9-19. Release of security deposit
Subchapter 11. Group Self-Insurance Association Permit
SECTION 810:25-11-1. Application
SECTION 810:25-11-2. Additional application requirements
SECTION 810:25-11-3. Approval of new members of the association
SECTION 810:25-11-4. Investment and reserve requirements
SECTION 810:25-11-5. Financial and related reports
SECTION 810:25-11-6. Excess insurance
SECTION 810:25-11-7. Operating expenses
SECTION 810:25-11-8. Rates, experience modifications, and discounts
SECTION 810:25-11-9. Premium deposits
SECTION 810:25-11-10. Surplus distributions
SECTION 810:25-11-11. Deficits and assessments
SECTION 810:25-11-12. Renewal applications
SECTION 810:25-11-13. Security deposit
SECTION 810:25-11-14. Letter of credit requirements
SECTION 810:25-11-15. Indemnity agreements and power of attorney
SECTION 810:25-11-16. Administrator
SECTION 810:25-11-17. Third-party administration
SECTION 810:25-11-18. Termination of members
SECTION 810:25-11-19. Revocation
SECTION 810:25-11-20. Examination of association
SECTION 810:25-11-21. Responsibilities of members' supervisory board
SECTION 810:25-11-22. Miscellaneous operating guidelines
SECTION 810:25-11-23. Winding down of association's affairs
SECTION 810:25-11-24. Effectiveness of previously authorized permits and security deposits
SECTION 810:25-11-25. Designation of service agent
Subchapter 13. Third-Party Administrator Permit for Workers' Compensation Purposes
SECTION 810:25-13-1. Application
SECTION 810:25-13-2. Renewals
SECTION 810:25-13-3. Termination or revocation of authority
SECTION 810:25-13-4. Operating requirements


[Authority: 85A O.S., §§ 1 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 8-27-15]