Chapter 11. Licensed Professional Counselors  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 86:11-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:11-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 86:11-1-3. Applicability
Subchapter 3. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 86:11-3-1. Responsibility
SECTION 86:11-3-2. Competence
SECTION 86:11-3-3. Client welfare
SECTION 86:11-3-4. Fees and bartering
SECTION 86:11-3-5. Professional standards
SECTION 86:11-3-7. Relations with the public and other professions
SECTION 86:11-3-8. Failure to comply
Subchapter 5. Fitness of Applicants
SECTION 86:11-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:11-5-2. Fitness for licensure
SECTION 86:11-5-3. Materials considered to determine fitness
Subchapter 7. Application Procedures
SECTION 86:11-7-1. General
SECTION 86:11-7-2. Application materials and forms
SECTION 86:11-7-3. Submission of documents
SECTION 86:11-7-4. Negative references
SECTION 86:11-7-5. Re-application for permanently expired license
SECTION 86:11-7-6. Re-application for revoked license
SECTION 86:11-7-7. Re-application for voided application for failure to take scheduled examinations
SECTION 86:11-7-8. Re-application for voided application for failure to complete supervised experience
SECTION 86:11-7-9. Re-application for denied application
SECTION 86:11-7-10. Re-application for revoked approved supervisor status
SECTION 86:11-7-11. Denial of licensure application
Subchapter 9. Academic Requirements
SECTION 86:11-9-1. Graduate hours and degrees required
SECTION 86:11-9-2. Knowledge area required
Subchapter 11. Supervised Experience Requirement
SECTION 86:11-11-1. Documents required prior to accrual of supervision hours
SECTION 86:11-11-2. Responsibility of supervisors and supervisees
SECTION 86:11-11-3. Acceptability of supervised experience
SECTION 86:11-11-4. Supervisor qualifications
SECTION 86:11-11-5. Duration of supervision
SECTION 86:11-11-6. Documentation of supervised experience
SECTION 86:11-11-7. Supervision agreement
Subchapter 13. Fees
SECTION 86:11-13-1. Fees established
SECTION 86:11-13-2. Schedule of fees
SECTION 86:11-13-3. Fees non-refundable
SECTION 86:11-13-4. Method of payment
SECTION 86:11-13-5. Review of fees
Subchapter 15. Licensure Examinations
SECTION 86:11-15-1. Eligibility
SECTION 86:11-15-2. Examinations required
SECTION 86:11-15-3. Frequency
SECTION 86:11-15-4. Application
SECTION 86:11-15-5. Grading
SECTION 86:11-15-6. Notice of results
SECTION 86:11-15-7. Failure to appear
SECTION 86:11-15-8. Failure to apply
Subchapter 17. Continuing Education Requirements
SECTION 86:11-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:11-17-2. Number of hours required
SECTION 86:11-17-3. Acceptable continuing education
SECTION 86:11-17-4. Continuing education accrual from teaching
SECTION 86:11-17-5. Continuing education accrual from home-study or technology-assisted distance learning courses
SECTION 86:11-17-6. Professional audience
SECTION 86:11-17-7. Documentation of attendance
SECTION 86:11-17-8. Submission of continuing education roster
SECTION 86:11-17-9. Audit of continuing education submissions
SECTION 86:11-17-10. Penalty for failure to submit continuing education
SECTION 86:11-17-11. Submission of fraudulent continuing education
SECTION 86:11-17-12. Responsibility
SECTION 86:11-17-13. Failure to complete
Subchapter 19. Issuance of License
SECTION 86:11-19-1. License
SECTION 86:11-19-2. Statement of Professional Disclosure
SECTION 86:11-19-3. Signature
SECTION 86:11-19-4. Property of department
SECTION 86:11-19-5. Notification
SECTION 86:11-19-6. Replacement
Subchapter 21. License and Speciality Renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-1. Responsibility
SECTION 86:11-21-2. Initial licensing period
SECTION 86:11-21-3. Initial renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-4. Interim renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-5. Annual renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-6. Specialty renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-7. Requirements for renewal
SECTION 86:11-21-8. Display of verification card
SECTION 86:11-21-9. Inactive status
Subchapter 23. License and Specialty Late Renewal
SECTION 86:11-23-1. Renewal notification
SECTION 86:11-23-2. Failure to renew
SECTION 86:11-23-3. Return of license
SECTION 86:11-23-4. Misrepresentation
Subchapter 25. Licensure by Endorsement
SECTION 86:11-25-1. Submission of verification of license
SECTION 86:11-25-2. Licensing procedures
SECTION 86:11-25-3. License by endorsement
Subchapter 27. Consumer Information
SECTION 86:11-27-1. Directory
SECTION 86:11-27-2. Brochure
SECTION 86:11-27-3. Statement of professional disclosure
SECTION 86:11-27-4. Informed consent
Subchapter 29. Enforcement
SECTION 86:11-29-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:11-29-2. Complaints
SECTION 86:11-29-3. Investigation
SECTION 86:11-29-4. Filing of an action
SECTION 86:11-29-5. Hearing
SECTION 86:11-29-6. Final order
SECTION 86:11-29-7. Unauthorized practice
SECTION 86:11-29-8. Administrative penalties


Editor's Note: Effective 11-1-13, as set forth in House Bill 1467 (2013), “[a]ll powers, duties, responsibilities . . . of the State Board of Health, the State Department of Health, and the State Commissioner of Health relating exclusively to the regulation of Licensed Professional Counselors. . . are hereby transferred and shall be placed under the authority of the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure” [HB 1467 (2013), § 3(A)]. The following provisions in HB 1467 address the disposition of related rules:
      • Section 3 (not to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes) provides that “[u]pon the effective date of this act, all administrative rules promulgated by the State Board of Health relating to the Licensed Professional Counselors Act . . . shall be transferred to and become a part of the administrative rules of the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure” [HB 1467 (2013), § 3(F)]. HB 1467 also directed the Office of Administrative Rules to place the transferred rules under the Administrative Code section of the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure [see Editor’s Notice published at 32 Ok Reg 109].Therefore, on 11-1-13, the rules in Chapter 405 of the Department of Health’s Title 310 [OAC 310:405] were transferred to this new Chapter 11 of the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure’s Title 86 [OAC 86:11].
             For text of rules that were effective prior to the transfer of these rules on 11-1-13, see Chapter 405 of the Department of Health's Title 310 [OAC 310:405], as published in the 2011 Edition of the OAC and updated in the 2013 OAC Supplement.
      • Section 6 (amending 59 O.S., § 1905) directs the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure to “[p]rescribe, adopt and promulgate rules to implement and enforce the provisions of the Licensed Professional Counselors Act, including the adoption of the State Department of Health rules by reference; [a]dopt and establish rules of professional conduct; and [s]et license and examination fees as required by the Licensed Professional Counselors Act” [HB 1467 (2013), § 6(A)]. Although the State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure did not "adopt the State Department of Health rules by reference," the Board did adopt rules in a new Chapter 10 of Title 86, first by emergency action effective 4-23-14 and later by permanent action effective 9-11-15.
             For emergency rules related to Licensed Professional Counselors that were promulgated by the State Board of Behavioral Licensure pursuant to HB 1467 (2013), § 6, and were effective from 4-23-15 through 9-10-15, see 32 Ok Reg 139.
            For permanent rules related to Licensed Professional Counselors that were promulgated by the State Board of Behavioral Licensure to supersede the emergency rules, effective 9-11-15, see Chapter 10 of OAC Title 86.

[Authority: HB 1467 (2013), §§ 3 and 6]
[Source: Codified 11-1-13]