Chapter 20. Licensed Behavioral Practitioners  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 86:20-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:20-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 86:20-1-3. Prohibition
SECTION 86:20-1-4. Applicability
Subchapter 3. Forms
SECTION 86:20-3-1. Forms
SECTION 86:20-3-2. Description of forms
Subchapter 5. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 86:20-5-1. Responsibility
SECTION 86:20-5-2. Competence
SECTION 86:20-5-3. Client welfare
SECTION 86:20-5-4. Non-professional relations with clients
SECTION 86:20-5-4.1. Responsibility to supervisees
SECTION 86:20-5-5. Client fees and bartering
SECTION 86:20-5-6. Professional standards
SECTION 86:20-5-7. Relations with the public and other professions
SECTION 86:20-5-8. Failure to comply
Subchapter 7. Fitness of Applicants
SECTION 86:20-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:20-7-2. Fitness for licensure
SECTION 86:20-7-3. Materials considered to determine fitness
Subchapter 9. Application Procedures
SECTION 86:20-9-1. General
SECTION 86:20-9-2. Application materials
SECTION 86:20-9-3. Submission of documents
SECTION 86:20-9-3.1. Inactive Application
SECTION 86:20-9-4. Negative references
SECTION 86:20-9-5. Materials required of LBP applicants
SECTION 86:20-9-6. Application for permanently expired license
SECTION 86:20-9-7. Application for revoked license
SECTION 86:20-9-8. Application for voided application for failure to provide a passing score on examinations
SECTION 86:20-9-9. Application for voided application for failure to complete supervised experience
SECTION 86:20-9-9.1. Application procedures for voided application for inactivity
SECTION 86:20-9-10. Application for denied application
SECTION 86:20-9-11. Hearing upon denial of licensure application
Subchapter 11. Academic Requirements
SECTION 86:20-11-1. Graduate degree requirements
SECTION 86:20-11-2. Required knowledge areas
Subchapter 13. Supervised Experience Requirement
SECTION 86:20-13-1. Supervised experience
SECTION 86:20-13-2. Duration of supervision
SECTION 86:20-13-3. Documents required for the accrual of supervised hours
SECTION 86:20-13-4. Responsibility of supervisors and supervisees
SECTION 86:20-13-5. Acceptability of supervised experience
SECTION 86:20-13-6. Supervisor qualifications
SECTION 86:20-13-7. Documentation of supervised experience
Subchapter 15. Fees
SECTION 86:20-15-1. Schedule of fees
SECTION 86:20-15-2. Method of payment
Subchapter 17. Licensure Examination
SECTION 86:20-17-1. Examination required
SECTION 86:20-17-1.1. Eligibility
SECTION 86:20-17-2. Frequency [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-17-3. Registration
SECTION 86:20-17-4. Grading
SECTION 86:20-17-5. Notice of results [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-17-6. Failure to appear [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-17-6.1. Failure to apply
SECTION 86:20-17-7. Licensure prior to January 1, 2002
Subchapter 19. Continuing Education Requirements
SECTION 86:20-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:20-19-1.1. Documentation of attendance
SECTION 86:20-19-2. Submission of continuing education roster
SECTION 86:20-19-3. Acceptable continuing education
SECTION 86:20-19-3.1. Continuing education accrual from teaching
SECTION 86:20-19-4. Audit of continuing education submissions
SECTION 86:20-19-5. Penalty for failure to submit continuing education
SECTION 86:20-19-6. Submission of fraudulent continuing education
SECTION 86:20-19-7. Responsibility
SECTION 86:20-19-8. Failure to complete continuing education
Subchapter 21. Issuance of License
SECTION 86:20-21-1. License
SECTION 86:20-21-1.1. Statement of Professional Disclosure [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-21-2. Signature
SECTION 86:20-21-3. Property of Board
SECTION 86:20-21-4. Notification
SECTION 86:20-21-5. Replacement
Subchapter 23. License and Specialty Renewal
SECTION 86:20-23-1. Responsibility
SECTION 86:20-23-2. Requirements for renewal
SECTION 86:20-23-3. Renewal notification
SECTION 86:20-23-4. Initial licensing period
SECTION 86:20-23-5. Interim renewal
SECTION 86:20-23-6. Annual renewal
SECTION 86:20-23-7. Specialty renewal
SECTION 86:20-23-8. Display of verification card
SECTION 86:20-23-9. Inactive status
SECTION 86:20-23-10. Failure to renew
SECTION 86:20-23-11. Return of license
SECTION 86:20-23-12. Misrepresentation
Subchapter 25. Licensure by Endorsement
SECTION 86:20-25-1. Requirements for licensure by endorsement
SECTION 86:20-25-2. Submission of verification of license
SECTION 86:20-25-3. Licensing procedures
Subchapter 27. Consumer Information
SECTION 86:20-27-1. Directory
SECTION 86:20-27-2. Brochure
SECTION 86:20-27-3. Statement of professional disclosure [revoked]
Subchapter 29. Enforcement
SECTION 86:20-29-1. Purpose
SECTION 86:20-29-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-29-3. Complaint Procedure
SECTION 86:20-29-4. Investigation [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-29-5. Cooperation with investigations
SECTION 86:20-29-6. Service of Formal Complaint and Notice of Hearing
SECTION 86:20-29-7. Individual Proceedings
SECTION 86:20-29-8. Continuances
SECTION 86:20-29-9. Discovery
SECTION 86:20-29-10. Protective orders
SECTION 86:20-29-11. Subpoenas
SECTION 86:20-29-12. Final order
SECTION 86:20-29-13. Unauthorized practice
SECTION 86:20-29-14. Administrative penalties
SECTION 86:20-29-15. Costs of investigation [revoked]
SECTION 86:20-29-16. RFI confidentiality
Subchapter 31. Post-Military Service Occupation, Education and Credentialing Rules
SECTION 86:20-31-1. Education, training and experience completed as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States pursuant to 59 O.S. § 4100.4(A)
SECTION 86:20-31-2. Automatic extension of license, payment of fees and continuing education for active-duty military service members
SECTION 86:20-31-3. Reciprocal licensing of spouses of active-duty members of the Armed Forces of the United States
Subchapter 33. Declaration of Emergency Licensure by Endorsement Rules
SECTION 86:20-33-1. Submission of verification of license
SECTION 86:20-33-2. Licensing procedures
SECTION 86:20-33-3. Non-renewable declaration of emergency license by endorsement


Editor's Note: See Editor's Note at beginning of Chapter 21 of this Title 86 [OAC 86:21].

[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 1901 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 9-11-15]