Chapter 10. Administration of the Oklahoma Bond Oversight and Reform Act  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 90:10-1-1. Purpose and scope
SECTION 90:10-1-2. Statutory definitions
SECTION 90:10-1-3. Clarification of certain terms [revoked]
SECTION 90:10-1-4. Additional definitions
Subchapter 3. Application Procedure
SECTION 90:10-3-1. General
SECTION 90:10-3-2. Submission of Provisional Approval Application
SECTION 90:10-3-3. Provisional Approval Application form information
SECTION 90:10-3-4. Final approval form
SECTION 90:10-3-5. State Bond Advisor review of request for proposals and approval of fees
SECTION 90:10-3-6. Program approval
SECTION 90:10-3-7. Lease Purchase Request for Approval form
SECTION 90:10-3-8. Substantial changes to Council of Bond Oversight approved applications
Subchapter 5. Fees
SECTION 90:10-5-1. Fee payment requirements
SECTION 90:10-5-2. Fee schedule
Subchapter 7. Evaluation Standards and Criteria
SECTION 90:10-7-1. General
SECTION 90:10-7-2. Legal compliance
SECTION 90:10-7-3. Authorized and proper public function or purpose
SECTION 90:10-7-4. Criteria applicability
SECTION 90:10-7-5. Documentation of Council action
Subchapter 9. Reporting
SECTION 90:10-9-1. Closing documentation to the State Bond Advisor
SECTION 90:10-9-2. Local governmental entities
SECTION 90:10-9-3. Confirmation of issuance [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund Applications
SECTION 90:10-11-1. General
SECTION 90:10-11-2. Evaluation standards and criteria


[Authority: 62 O.S., §§ 695.8(A) and 695.11A]
[Source: Codified 3-25-91]