Chapter 15. Administration of the Oklahoma Private Activity Bond Allocation Act

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 90:15-1-1. Purpose and scope
SECTION 90:15-1-2. Statutory definitions
SECTION 90:15-1-3. Additional definitions
SECTION 90:15-1-4. Severability
SECTION 90:15-1-5. Interpretation of Chapter
Subchapter 3. General Operations of the State Bond Advisor
SECTION 90:15-3-1. Official office
SECTION 90:15-3-2. Records
Subchapter 5. Annual State Ceiling: General [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-5-1. Notice publication; calculation [revoked]
Subchapter 7. State Ceiling Pools and Allocations to Pools
SECTION 90:15-7-1. General scope and applicability; calculation of deadlines and time periods
SECTION 90:15-7-2. Qualified Small Issue Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-3. Exempt Facility Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-4. Student Loan Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-5. State Issuer Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-6. Local Issuer Single Family Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-7. Beginning Agricultural Producer Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-8. Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency Pool [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-7-9. Economic Development Pool [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Application and Logging Procedures
Subchapter 11. Consolidated Pool and Register
SECTION 90:15-11-1. Establishment of Consolidated Pool and register
SECTION 90:15-11-2. Outstanding requests and new applications
SECTION 90:15-11-3. Allocation priorities of Consolidated Pool [revoked]
Subchapter 13. Carryforward Applications
SECTION 90:15-13-1. General
SECTION 90:15-13-2. Preference
Subchapter 15. Mortgage Credit Certificate Programs
SECTION 90:15-15-1. Recordkeeping
SECTION 90:15-15-2. Penalty for over issuance of mortgage credit certificate authority
Subchapter 17. Severability and Interpretation [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-17-1. Severability [revoked]
SECTION 90:15-17-2. Interpretation of Chapter [revoked]


[Authority: 62 O.S., §§ 695.8(A), 695.11A, and 695.21 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 6-27-91]