SECTION 140:15-10-1. Registration from the Board  

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  •   No chiropractic physician shall represent to the public that he/she is a specialist in the practice of Acupuncture and/or Meridian Therapy unless said chiropractic physician holds a registration issued by the Board stating that the chiropractic physician is proficient in Acupuncture and/or Meridian Therapy. The Board shall maintain a registry listing all chiropractic physicians who are authorized by the Board. This rule does not apply to chiropractic physicians licensed to practice chiropractic in Oklahoma who graduated from a chiropractic institution on or before January 1, 2000.
[Source: Added at 26 Ok Reg 2443, eff 7-11-09; Amended at 28 Ok Reg 1112, eff 6-25-11]