SECTION 155:45-5-2. Claims  

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  • (a)   Obtaining a claim form. Claimants may obtain a claim form from the Commission.
    (b)   Contents. Claims shall be submitted on a form provided or in a format designated by the Commission. The claim shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:
    (1)   Copy of the pre-approved Controlled Burn Plan with supporting documents and other information verifying compliance of the plan at the time of the controlled burn;
    (2)   Copy of the pre-qualification approval letter;
    (3)   Detailed description and summary of the burn event resulting in the filing of the claim;
    (4)   Non-Ownership/Participation Affidavit;
    (5)   Losses statement along with an itemized list of the losses;
    (6)   Any and all documentation and photos showing and verifying the losses;
    (7)   List of insurance policies or other financial mechanisms that could
    (8)   Information deemed by the Commission to substantiate a claim of a person suffering a loss other than the applicant/claimant; and
    (9)   Any other information requested by the Commission when deemed warranted supporting the verification of the claim.
    (c)   In those cases where an applicant has submitted an application, received a pre-qualification approval letter, and met the qualifications for claim coverage but is unavailable or unwilling to file a claim on behalf of a person suffering eligible loses due to the applicant's prescribed fire then the Director of the Conservation Programs Division of the Commission may execute a claim on that person's behalf.
[Source: Added at 27 Ok Reg 2483, eff 8-2-10]