Chapter 10. Conservation Districts  

SECTION 155:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 155:10-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-3. Due notice on District procedures [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-4. Board of Directors; qualifications [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-5. Elected Directors; election procedures
SECTION 155:10-1-6. Appointed Directors
SECTION 155:10-1-7. Notification of new officers [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-8. Requirements for District Employment
SECTION 155:10-1-9. Secretary's maintenance of District handbook; Commission rules and regulations [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-10. Public inspection of district records; Maintenance of Records
SECTION 155:10-1-11. Conservation District Board of Directors Meetings
SECTION 155:10-1-12. Annual audit
SECTION 155:10-1-13. Advisory committees [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-14. Investigation powers [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-15. Eminent domain
SECTION 155:10-1-16. Maintaining funds for specific projects [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-17. Use of Conservation District monies on non-Conservation District projects [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-18. Cooperative agreements [revoked]
SECTION 155:10-1-19. Annual report
SECTION 155:10-1-20. Resource Conservation Program
SECTION 155:10-1-21. Zoning ordinances
SECTION 155:10-1-22. Small watershed flood control fund


[Authority: 27A O.S., § 3-3-105(A)(10)(c); 27A O.S., §§ 3-3-101 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]