Chapter 1. Administrative Operations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 243:1-1-1. Purpose [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-1-2. Statutory citations [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-1-3. Definitions [REVOKED]
Subchapter 3. Purposes, Organization, Funding and Procedures of the OERB
SECTION 243:1-3-1. Purpose [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-3-2. Funding [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-3-3. Organization of the OERB [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-3-4. Official actions [REVOKED]
Subchapter 5. Hearing Practices and Procedures
SECTION 243:1-5-1. Hearings [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-2. Setting or denial of hearing [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-3. Notice [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-4. Authority to subpoena witnesses [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-5. Right to counsel [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-6. Rules of evidence [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-7. Record of hearing [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-8. Proposed orders [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-9. Final orders [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-10. Rehearings [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-11. Judicial review [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-5-12. Declaratory ruling [REVOKED]
Subchapter 7. Procedures for Inspecting and/or Copying Public Records
SECTION 243:1-7-1. Purpose [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-2. Definitions [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-3. Record Custodians [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-4. Hours of inspection [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-5. Procedures for inspection of records [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-6. Procedures for copying records [REVOKED]
SECTION 243:1-7-7. Fees [REVOKED]


[Authority: 52 O.S., § 288.5(7)]
[Source: Codified 8-25-95]