SECTION 158:85-5-4. Display and posting of registration number, endorsement, and firm name  

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  • (a)   Each person issued a contractor registration shall display the roofing contractor firm name, the contractor registration number bearing the initials "OK" preceding that registration number issued by the registrar, and commercial endorsement, if any, on all vehicles used to transport materials and tools in the operation of the business. Such names, numbers and lettering shall be printed in letters and numerals at least two (2) inches in height in a conspicuous location on both sides of each vehicle in contrasting color to the background color.
    (b)   The roofing contractor state registration number, along with any commercial endorsement, must be displayed on all advertising, contracts, and bids. Advertising for the purposes of this subsection shall not include uniforms or promotional items including but not limited to pens, pencils, key chains, tape measures, and the like.
    (c)   Each registrant, or the agents, servants, and employees of a registered roofing contractor shall post in a conspicuous place on the job site where any roofing work is performed, in size, color contrast, language and written form that is easily legible, the roofing firm name, registration number, existence of any commercial endorsement, and telephone number for the registrant pursuant to 59 O.S. § 1151.7 under which any work is being performed, and on all media containing the registrant's name, including but not limited to magnetic signs on vehicles, business cards, contracts, bids, letterhead, signs, and advertisements.
[Source: Added at 32 Ok Reg 436, eff 12-17-14 (emergency); Added at 32 Ok Reg 1657, eff 9-11-15]