Chapter 2. Rule of Practice and Procedure for the Coal Reclamation Act of 1979  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 460:2-1-1. Purpose and construction
SECTION 460:2-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 460:2-1-3. Jurisdiction of the Director
SECTION 460:2-1-4. Eligibility to practice
SECTION 460:2-1-5. Requests for declaratory rulings
SECTION 460:2-1-6. Parties
SECTION 460:2-1-7. Hearing sites
SECTION 460:2-1-8. Filing of documents
SECTION 460:2-1-9. Form of documents
SECTION 460:2-1-10. Service
SECTION 460:2-1-11. Intervention
SECTION 460:2-1-12. Voluntary dismissal
SECTION 460:2-1-13. Motions
SECTION 460:2-1-14. Consolidation of proceedings
SECTION 460:2-1-15. Advancement of proceedings
SECTION 460:2-1-16. Waiver of right to hearing
SECTION 460:2-1-17. Status of notice of violation and orders of cessation pending review by OHA
Subchapter 3. Evidentiary Hearings
SECTION 460:2-3-1. Presiding officers
SECTION 460:2-3-2. Powers of hearing examiners
SECTION 460:2-3-3. Conduct of hearing examiners
SECTION 460:2-3-4. Notice of hearing
SECTION 460:2-3-5. Certification of interlocutory ruling
SECTION 460:2-3-6. Summary decisions
SECTION 460:2-3-7. Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law
SECTION 460:2-3-8. Initial orders and decisions
SECTION 460:2-3-9. Effect of initial order or decision
SECTION 460:2-3-10. Certification of record
Subchapter 5. Discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-1. Discovery methods
SECTION 460:2-5-2. Time for discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-3. Scope of discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-4. Sequence and timing of discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-5. Supplementation of responses
SECTION 460:2-5-6. Motion to compel discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-7. Failure to comply with orders compelling discovery
SECTION 460:2-5-8. Depositions upon oral examination or upon written
SECTION 460:2-5-9. Use of depositions
SECTION 460:2-5-10. Written interrogatories to parties
SECTION 460:2-5-11. Production of documents and things and entry upon
SECTION 460:2-5-12. Admissions
Subchapter 7. Petitions for Review of Proposed Assessments of Civil Penalties
SECTION 460:2-7-1. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-7-2. Time for filing
SECTION 460:2-7-3. Contents of petition; payment required
SECTION 460:2-7-4. Answer
SECTION 460:2-7-5. Review of waiver determination
SECTION 460:2-7-6. Burden of proof in civil penalty proceedings
SECTION 460:2-7-7. Summary disposition
SECTION 460:2-7-8. Determination by hearing examiner
SECTION 460:2-7-9. Appeals
Subchapter 8. Petitions for Review of Proposed Individual Civil Penalty Assessment
SECTION 460:2-8-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:2-8-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-8-3. Time for filing
SECTION 460:2-8-4. Contents and service of petition
SECTION 460:2-8-5. Answer, motion, or statement of Department
SECTION 460:2-8-6. Amendment of petition
SECTION 460:2-8-7. Notice of hearing
SECTION 460:2-8-8. Elements, burdens of proof
SECTION 460:2-8-9. Decision by Administrative Hearing Officer
SECTION 460:2-8-10. Petition for discretionary review
Subchapter 9. Review of Section 776 and 777 Notices of Violations and Orders of Cessation
SECTION 460:2-9-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-9-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-9-3. Time for filing
SECTION 460:2-9-4. Effect of failure to file
SECTION 460:2-9-5. Contents of application
SECTION 460:2-9-6. Answer
SECTION 460:2-9-7. Contents of answer
SECTION 460:2-9-8. Notice of hearing
SECTION 460:2-9-9. Amendments to pleadings
SECTION 460:2-9-10. Failure to state a claim
SECTION 460:2-9-11. Related notices or order
SECTION 460:2-9-12. Burden of proof in review of Section 776 or Section
Subchapter 11. Expedited Review of Section 776 or 777 Orders of Cessation
SECTION 460:2-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:2-11-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-11-3. Where to file
SECTION 460:2-11-4. Time for filing
SECTION 460:2-11-5. Contents of application
SECTION 460:2-11-6. Computation of time for decision
SECTION 460:2-11-7. Waiver of the 30-day decision requirement
SECTION 460:2-11-8. Procedure if 30-day decision requirement is not waived
Subchapter 13. Proceedings for Suspension or Revocation of Permits Under Section 778 of the Act
SECTION 460:2-13-1. Initiation of proceedings
SECTION 460:2-13-2. Answer
SECTION 460:2-13-3. Contents of answer
SECTION 460:2-13-4. Burden of proof in suspension or revocation
SECTION 460:2-13-5. Determination by the hearing examiner
SECTION 460:2-13-6. Summary disposition
SECTION 460:2-13-7. Appeals
Subchapter 15. [Reserved]
Subchapter 17. Applications for Temporary Relief
SECTION 460:2-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:2-17-2. When to file
SECTION 460:2-17-3. Where to file
SECTION 460:2-17-4. Contents of application
SECTION 460:2-17-5. Response to application
SECTION 460:2-17-6. Determination on application concerning a notice of violation issued pursuant to Section 777 of the act
SECTION 460:2-17-7. Determination on application concerning an order of cessation issued pursuant to Section 776 or Section 777 of the act
SECTION 460:2-17-8. Appeals
Subchapter 19. Appeals to the Director From Decisions or Orders of Hearing Examiners
SECTION 460:2-19-1. Petition for discretionary review of a proposed civil penalty
SECTION 460:2-19-2. Notice of appeal
SECTION 460:2-19-3. Interlocutory appeals
SECTION 460:2-19-4. Briefs
SECTION 460:2-19-5. Remand
SECTION 460:2-19-6. Final decisions
SECTION 460:2-19-7. Reconsideration
Subchapter 21. Appeals to the Director From Decisions of the Department
SECTION 460:2-21-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-21-2. Who may appeal
SECTION 460:2-21-3. Appeals; how taken
SECTION 460:2-21-4. Service
SECTION 460:2-21-5. Answer
SECTION 460:2-21-6. Summary dismissal
SECTION 460:2-21-7. Request for hearing
Subchapter 23. Petitions for Award of Costs and Expenses Under Section 786E of the Act
SECTION 460:2-23-1. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-23-2. Where to file; time for filing
SECTION 460:2-23-3. Contents of petition
SECTION 460:2-23-4. Answer
SECTION 460:2-23-5. Who may receive an award
SECTION 460:2-23-6. Awards
SECTION 460:2-23-7. Appeals
Subchapter 25. Request for Review of Approval or Disapproval of Applications for Permits
SECTION 460:2-25-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-25-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-25-3. Where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-25-4. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-25-5. Time for hearing
SECTION 460:2-25-6. Status of permit approvals pending review
SECTION 460:2-25-7. Burden of proof
SECTION 460:2-25-8. Request for temporary relief from a decision to approve or disapprove a permit application in whole or in part
SECTION 460:2-25-9. Determination by the hearing examiner
SECTION 460:2-25-10. Appeals
Subchapter 27. Request for Review of Approval or Disapproval of a Performance Bond Release Application
SECTION 460:2-27-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-27-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-27-3. Where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-27-4. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-27-5. Status of performance bond release pending review
SECTION 460:2-27-6. Appeals
Subchapter 29. Request for Review of Performance Bond Forfeiture
SECTION 460:2-29-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-29-2. Who may file; where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-29-3. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-29-4. Status of forfeiture proceedings pending review
SECTION 460:2-29-5. Burden of proof
SECTION 460:2-29-6. Appeals
Subchapter 31. State Inspection Procedures
SECTION 460:2-31-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-31-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-31-3. Where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-31-4. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-31-5. Determination decision
SECTION 460:2-31-6. Appeals
Subchapter 33. Request for Review of Department Determination of Issues Under 460:20 Section 761.12(H)
SECTION 460:2-33-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-33-2. Who may file; where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-33-3. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-33-4. Burden of proof
SECTION 460:2-33-5. Appeals
Subchapter 35. Request for Review Concerning Permit Modification Orders, and Applications for Permit Revisions, Renewals, and the Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Rights Granted Under Permits
SECTION 460:2-35-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-35-2. Who may file; where to file
SECTION 460:2-35-3. When to file
SECTION 460:2-35-4. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-35-5. Time for hearing
SECTION 460:2-35-6. Status of the Department order or decision pending review
SECTION 460:2-35-7. Burden of proof
SECTION 460:2-35-8. Request for temporary relief
SECTION 460:2-35-9. Determination by the hearing examiner
SECTION 460:2-35-10. Appeals
Subchapter 37. Request for Review of Approval or Disapproval of a Coal Exploration Application
SECTION 460:2-37-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-37-2. Who may file
SECTION 460:2-37-3. Where to file; when to file
SECTION 460:2-37-4. Contents of request
SECTION 460:2-37-5. Status of approvals pending review
SECTION 460:2-37-6. Burden of proof
SECTION 460:2-37-7. Appeals
Subchapter 39. Rulemaking
SECTION 460:2-39-1. Petitions requesting promulgation, amendment, or repeal of a rule or regulation
SECTION 460:2-39-2. Referral
SECTION 460:2-39-3. Department determination
SECTION 460:2-39-4. Opportunity for argument
SECTION 460:2-39-5. Department decision
SECTION 460:2-39-6. Application of Administrative Procedures Act
Subchapter 41. Hearing Procedures for Lands Unsuitable Petitions
SECTION 460:2-41-1. Scope
SECTION 460:2-41-2. Parties
SECTION 460:2-41-3. Hearing site
SECTION 460:2-41-4. Time for intervention
SECTION 460:2-41-5. Notice of hearing
SECTION 460:2-41-6. Date of the hearing
SECTION 460:2-41-7. Dismissal of proceedings
SECTION 460:2-41-8. Consolidation of proceedings
SECTION 460:2-41-9. Withdrawal of petition
SECTION 460:2-41-10. Decision
SECTION 460:2-41-11. Time to issue decision
SECTION 460:2-41-12. Notice of final decision
SECTION 460:2-41-13. Judicial review
Subchapter 43. Computation of Time
SECTION 460:2-43-1. Computation of Time


[Authority: 45 O.S., §§ 1.5 et seq. and 789; 75 O.S., §§ 250 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]