SECTION 210:15-30-3. SES provider responsibilities  

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  • (a)   All approved SES providers shall abide by a code of ethics consisting of the following requirements:
    (1)   Providers shall describe services as approved in state application to consumers in terms that are easy to understand and jargon-free.
    (2)   Providers shall submit a sample of SES program promotional materials and advertisements, (such as brochures, flyers, and posters) to the school district(s) in which they wish to serve and/or the SDE, upon request.
    (3)   Providers shall not misrepresent to anyone the location of a provider's program or its approval status.
    (4)   Providers shall not compensate district employees in exchange for access to facilities or to obtain student lists. School personnel may be hired for instructional purposes only.
    (5)   Providers shall not directly or indirectly use incentives as a method of promoting selection of their services by parents or guardians of eligible children. Rewards may be offered for eligible children to reward attendance, to reward continued participation, or achievement related to a provider's services:
    (A)   if the reward has no redeemable monetary value to the eligible child or his parent/guardian and is otherwise consistent with accepted classroom incentives, such as pizza parties, ice cream parties, school supplies having nominal value, or the opportunity to order discounted instructional material for the eligible child's personal use; and
    (B)   parents or guardians of an eligible child or children consent to offering such rewards.
    (6)   Providers shall not encourage or induce students or parents to switch providers once students have been enrolled into another program.
    (7)   Providers shall not enroll students in an SES program without prior authorization from the district.
    (8)   For students under 13, providers proposing to utilize web-based instruction must obtain parental permission before communicating with students via e-mail or the Internet as per Title XIII - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.
    (b)   An approved provider shall report annually to the SDE and each district served. The report shall include the following information: number of students served, pre- and posttest data, attendance, percentage of students meeting the academic goals set for in the Individual Learning Plans, details of any complaints received from teachers or parents; and an updated assurance that all information within the provider's approved application remains true and correct.
    (c)   Providers shall maintain records for a period of five years. Documentation shall be made available, upon request by the SDE, for monitoring reviews or audit purposes.
    (d)   Providers shall cooperate with any assessments or evaluations conducted by the SDE.
[Source: Added at 25 Ok Reg 213, eff 10-2-07 (emergency); Added at 25 Ok Reg 1577, eff 6-12-08]