Chapter 10. Non-Coal Rules and Regulations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 460:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-1-2. Objective
SECTION 460:10-1-3. Authority
SECTION 460:10-1-4. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-1-5. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-1-6. Applicability
SECTION 460:10-1-7. Petitions to initiate rulemaking
SECTION 460:10-1-8. Availability of records
SECTION 460:10-1-9. Computation of time
Subchapter 3. Regulatory Program
SECTION 460:10-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-3-2. Objective
SECTION 460:10-3-3. Authority
SECTION 460:10-3-4. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-3-5. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-3-6. Applicability
Subchapter 5. Exemption for Non-Coal Minerals Extraction Incident to Government-Financed Highway or Other Construction
SECTION 460:10-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-5-2. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-5-3. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-5-4. Applicability
SECTION 460:10-5-5. Information to be maintained on site
Subchapter 7. Lead and Zinc Mining Special Environmental Standards [Reserved]
Subchapter 9. General Requirements for Permits and Applications
SECTION 460:10-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-9-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-9-3. General requirements for permits-operators
SECTION 460:10-9-4. Compliance with permits
SECTION 460:10-9-5. Permit application filing deadlines
SECTION 460:10-9-6. Permit applications - maps
SECTION 460:10-9-7. Permit fees
SECTION 460:10-9-8. Verification of application
Subchapter 10. Limited Use Surface Mining Permit Applications and Bonding Requirements
SECTION 460:10-10-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-10-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-10-3. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-10-4. Content of limited use permit applications
SECTION 460:10-10-5. Bonding requirements
SECTION 460:10-10-6. Limited use permit conditions and restrictions
SECTION 460:10-10-7. Administrative review
SECTION 460:10-10-8. Judicial review under Chapter 10. Non-Coal Mining of limited use permits
Subchapter 11. Non-Coal Surface Mining Permit Applications Excluding Limited Use Permits
SECTION 460:10-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-11-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-11-3. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-11-4. Applicability
SECTION 460:10-11-5. Identification of interests
SECTION 460:10-11-6. Compliance information
SECTION 460:10-11-7. Newspaper advertisement and proof of publication
Subchapter 13. Non-Coal Mining Permit Applications Requirements for Information on Environmental Resources
SECTION 460:10-13-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-13-2. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-13-3. Permitting for non-coal mining within scenic river areas, Outstanding resources waters and High quality waters
SECTION 460:10-13-4. Operational requirements
SECTION 460:10-13-5. Permitting for non-coal mining within a Sensitive Basin
SECTION 460:10-13-6. Operational requirements for non-coal mining within a Sensitive Basin
Subchapter 15. Non-Coal Mining Permit Applications Requirements for Reclamation and Operations Plan
SECTION 460:10-15-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-15-2. Simultaneous reclamation
SECTION 460:10-15-3. Reclamation plan
Subchapter 17. Review, Public Participation and Approval of Permit Applications and Permit Terms And Conditions Excluding Limited Use Permits
SECTION 460:10-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-17-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-17-3. Responsibilities
SECTION 460:10-17-4. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-17-5. Public notices of filing of permit applications
SECTION 460:10-17-6. Right to file written objections
SECTION 460:10-17-7. Informal conferences
SECTION 460:10-17-8. Public availability of information in permit
SECTION 460:10-17-9. Review of permit applications
SECTION 460:10-17-10. Criteria for permit approval or denial
SECTION 460:10-17-11. Permit approval or denial actions
SECTION 460:10-17-12. Permit terms
SECTION 460:10-17-13. General and right of entry conditions of permits
SECTION 460:10-17-14. Environment, public health and safety conditions of permits
SECTION 460:10-17-15. Administrative review
SECTION 460:10-17-16. Judicial review
Subchapter 19. Permit Revisions, Amendments, Renewals, And Transfers
SECTION 460:10-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-19-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-19-3. Responsibilities
SECTION 460:10-19-4. Permit revisions
SECTION 460:10-19-5. Permit renewals
SECTION 460:10-19-6. Permit transfers or sales
Subchapter 21. General Requirements for Bonding of Non-Coal Surface Mining and Reclamation Operations
SECTION 460:10-21-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-21-2. Objectives
SECTION 460:10-21-3. Definitions
SECTION 460:10-21-4. Requirements to file a bond
SECTION 460:10-21-5. Department responsibilities
Subchapter 23. Amount and Duration of Performance Bond
SECTION 460:10-23-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-23-2. Determination of bond amount
SECTION 460:10-23-3. Minimum amount
SECTION 460:10-23-4. Period of liability
SECTION 460:10-23-5. Adjustment of amount
Subchapter 25. Form, Conditions and Terms of Performance Bonds
SECTION 460:10-25-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-25-2. Form of the performance bond
SECTION 460:10-25-3. Terms and conditions of the bond
SECTION 460:10-25-4. Replacement of bonds
Subchapter 27. Release of Performance Bond
SECTION 460:10-27-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-27-2. Procedures for seeking release of performance bond
SECTION 460:10-27-3. Criteria and schedule for release of performance bond
Subchapter 28. Release of Performance Bond on Limited Use Permits
SECTION 460:10-28-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-28-2. Procedures for seeking release of performance bonds on limited use permits
SECTION 460:10-28-3. Criteria and schedule for release of limited use permit performance bond
Subchapter 29. Performance Bond Forfeiture
SECTION 460:10-29-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-29-2. General
SECTION 460:10-29-3. Procedures
SECTION 460:10-29-4. Criteria for forfeiture
SECTION 460:10-29-5. Determination of forfeiture amount [revoked]
Subchapter 31. Blasting and Use of Explosives
SECTION 460:10-31-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-31-2. Objective
SECTION 460:10-31-3. Authority
SECTION 460:10-31-4. Responsibility
SECTION 460:10-31-5. Use of explosives - general requirements
SECTION 460:10-31-6. Use of explosives - blasting plan
SECTION 460:10-31-7. Public notice of blasting warning signals and control
SECTION 460:10-31-8. Blasting requirements
SECTION 460:10-31-9. Seismographic measurements
SECTION 460:10-31-10. Records of blasting operations
SECTION 460:10-31-11. Certified surface blaster qualifications
Subchapter 33. Non-Coal Environmental Performance Standards [Reserved]
Subchapter 35. State Inspection
SECTION 460:10-35-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-35-2. State inspections
SECTION 460:10-35-3. Citizens' requests for state inspections
SECTION 460:10-35-4. Right of entry
SECTION 460:10-35-5. Review of adequacy and completeness of inspection
SECTION 460:10-35-6. Review of decision not to inspect or enforce
SECTION 460:10-35-7. Availability of records
SECTION 460:10-35-8. Serious injury or fatality report
Subchapter 37. State Enforcement
SECTION 460:10-37-1. Purpose
SECTION 460:10-37-2. Cessation Orders
SECTION 460:10-37-3. Notices of violation
SECTION 460:10-37-4. Service of notices of violation and cessation orders
SECTION 460:10-37-5. Public hearing
SECTION 460:10-37-6. Review of citations
SECTION 460:10-37-7. Injunctive relief


[Authority: 45 O.S., §§ 1.5 and 732 et seq.; 75 O.S., §§ 250 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]